RSS News Feeds

What is RSS?

RSS is short for Really Simple Syndication. It's an XML file that can be read by special feed reading software (e.g. OMEA Reader) or a web service you can use from your web browser (IE7 & Firefox). You simply add the address of a web feed to your reader, and it will display the latest headlines, each one with a synopsis and link that will take you to the full story.

This allows you to stay in touch with many different sources of news and information. It's quicker than revisiting a site several times a day to check for updates, and rather than having to look for new headlines, feed readers scan for updates and display them directly.

Availability of RSS Feeds

Unfortunately Veolia Water Technologies South Africa has discontinued the use of RSS feeds. We apologise for any inconvenience. Please return to our homepage or browse our website using the menu's above.