Veolia’s Ambitions for Africa

New goals, new strategy: rapid urbanisation and industrialisation in Africa requires new strategies for water treatment and infrastructures. That’s why Veolia Water Technologies has implemented a new global vision to enhance the water solutions specialist’s ability to respond to Africa’s water treatment requirements.

The “Ambitions for Africa” project aims at anchoring Veolia in the territories we operate in Africa through local partnerships, community engagement and tailor-made solutions that meet the continent’s evolving needs for highly efficient, robust, low-footprint water treatment infrastructures through streamlined, agile manufacturing and service networks.

To ensure Veolia South Africa has the organisational capacity to drive this new African strategy, a range of investments have been made that position the South Africa company as a vital engineering and manufacturing platform.

Among these was the 2017 launch of Veolia’s new Standard Products, a range of solutions designed to provide reliable, plug-and-play water treatment with fast turnaround times for industrial and municipal water treatment requirements in Africa.

Our Standard Products are a new portfolio of packaged Veolia technologies designed for specific water treatment applications in Africa.

Our Standard Products comprise a range of packaged solutions of specific, adapted Veolia products and technologies for specific market bases in Africa. These include treatment solutions for municipal drinking water and wastewater, industrial process water and wastewater, agriculture, aquaculture, power generation, mining, pharmaceutical and food and beverage.

Designed to provide robust, reliable solutions for Africa’s water treatment requirements, our Standard Products range facilitates the provision of proven treatment solutions with short lead times through an enhanced African distribution and service network.

Leading water treatment chemicals are manufactured at Veolia’s new Hydrex facility in Johannesburg.

Another central pillar of our Ambitions for Africa strategy is pillar the launch of a brand new Hydrex™ chemical blending facility. This state-of-the-art plant has a maximum output capacity of 15 000 tons of water treatment chemicals per year, capable of producing the volume of water treatment chemicals to meet the demand for quality water treatment from both municipalities and industrials throughout Africa.

In addition to a three-fold increase in Veolia South Africa’s chemical production capabilities, the plant also showcases the low-footprint, high-safety production designs that Veolia helps its customers realise in their projects. The plant recycles 100% of its wastewater, generating zero effluent discharge, and abides to the highest environmental regulations in place.

Veolia is a leading water treatment company in Africa. 

Finally, within the framework of “Ambitions for Africa” is the will of Veolia to assert its commitment to the continent and its regional anchorage through the implementation of local win-win partnerships. Veolia is thus developing projects with local partners who bring the invaluable knowledge and expertise that enable the company to adapt its offering and properly respond to the challenges of each country in Africa.

Attesting to this strategy, South African company Ceracure is now a stakeholder in Veolia Water Technologies’ South-African subsidiary. This key partner will bring Veolia its expertise in the field of control and electrical instrumentation. In the same spirit, an ambitious partnership has been established with Moroccan company Afric Chimie for the distribution of Veolia’s chemical products in Morocco.

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