Blue Drop Certification

Achieving and maintaining Blue Drop Status should be every municipality’s goal. It’s recognition that your municipality values their citizens’ rights to clean drinking water, and supplies it through an efficient and sustainable infrastructure.

Blue Drop Status isn’t just desirable from a health and safety perspective and a sense of constitutional duty; it’s a blueprint for operating the most cost-effective and reliable water treatment system, a strategy to help municipalities lower costs of drinking water treatment.

Veolia Water Technologies South Africa can help you work towards full compliance with the Blue Drop standard and reap the financial and social rewards of operating a world-class, safe drinking water system.

Veolia will help ensure your plant meets compliance in all the key Blue Drop performance areas:

  • Drinking water quality verification
  • Water safety planning
  • Process management & control
  • Management, accountability & local regulation
  • Asset management
  • Water use efficiency & water loss management

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Blue drop certification programme for drinking water quality management regulation: what’s required?

A holistic approach to water management is needed to satisfy the requirements of the Blue Drop certification programme. As a total water solutions provider to municipalities and industries, Veolia’s operations and maintenance teams, backed by world-leading water specialists and engineers, have all the expertise to design a tailored strategy to improving your Blue Drop compliance. This is how we can help you:

  • Water safety and security plans: Veolia will work with you institute a comprehensive, preventative drinking water quality management strategy and formulate this in an official water safety and security plan that satisfies Blue Drop requirements.
  • Process controllers: Veolia will provide all relevant training required by the Blue Drop standard, and will help you write your plant’s operators manual for process controllers. We will guide you in ensuring your water works and process controllers are correctly registered according to the class of works operated.
  • Drinking water quality monitoring: A strict monitoring programme in line with SANS 241 requirements needs to be implemented for the analysis of the drinking water services system. We’ll help guarantee your water sampling system complies with the stringent requirements of sampling.
  • Drinking water sample analysis & submission of results: Veolia will ensure your samples are analysed in ISO/IEC 17025 or DWAF-accredited laboratories and that the results are made available to the Department of Water Affairs. 
  • Drinking water quality compliance: Drinking water needs to be classified as EXCELLENT according to SANS 241, as prescribed by the Blue Drop Programme for all aesthetic determinants, which cover everything from metals content to microbiological compliance. With onethe world’s largest technology portfolios for drinking water treatment, Veolia can design and supply the most cost-effective, low-footprint technological solution to help you achieve SANS 241-standard drinking water. 
  • Management of Drinking Water Quality Failures:Veolia will help you establish an Incident Management Protocol to make sure you have a detailed, holistic strategy that responds sufficiently to unforeseen process failures.
  • Drinking Water Asset Management: Management of system assets includes an annual process audit of the water works; an asset management inspection; an assessment of the design and operating capacity of the water treatment works; and the use of registered drinking water treatment chemicals. Managers must ensure that systems are in place to guarantee a constant, reliable supply of chemicals and consumables required by the treatment works. Our experts will help you meet all asset management criteria.

Improve Your Blue Drop Score

Water treatment plants that provide high-quality drinking water in line with SANS 241, and with excellent process and risk management procedures in place can be rewarded with the prestigious Blue Drop Status.

The secret to success is to have a committed and diligent technical programme.

Whatever your current treatment plant status, Veolia will help you implement and execute an appropriate strategy to get Blue Drop-certified. We’ll make sure your operations teams are appropriately trained and skilled; that your plants are in optimum working order to efficiently supply 100% safe drinking water; that you are stocked with all required components and consumables; and that your quality, risk and asset management procedures are in line with the requirements of the certification.

Veolia’s O & M teams are helping companies in the water sector meet Blue Drop compliance by optimising their process control, maintenance, water quality monitoring and water management performance to meet the required targets of excellence.

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quality management is a key requirement for achieving excellence in the Blue
Drop Certification programme. Ensuring your water supply complies to SANS 241
means your citizens get 100% safe tap water.

Drinking water systems are assessed biannually, the results of which are aggregated for each water service authority. Blue Drop status is awarded to water service authorities achieving a score of 95% of the weighted assessment criteria. Requirements also become more stringent with every assessment cycle

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