Green Drop Certification

Green Drop Status doesn’t just recognise an excellent, fully compliant wastewater treatment works, but that your plant assets are well-managed through a detailed operational strategy that minimises process risks and can ensure long-term sustainability. 

provide end to end water services to help you with your Green Drop
certification requirements. We’re a South African leader in wastewater
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For water service authorities still working towards Green Drop Status, the programme provides actionable intelligence highlighting the improvements that need to be implemented to ensure your wastewater works is adequately processing effluent with optimum economic and environmental performance.

Veolia Water Technologies South Africa can work with you to achieve full Green Drop Status.

Leading expertise of our engineers and operations & maintenance teams, backed by a cutting-edge wastewater treatment technology portfolio, will guide you towards full Green Drop compliance, no matter your specific plant challenges. 

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We can help optimise each stage of your water treatment cycle, speeding up your progress to full Green Drop Status. Our water specialists will work you on satisfying each step of the certification requirements:

  • Process controllers: Significant focus is on operational and maintenance skills. Veolia can ensure your wastewater treatment works operators and process controllers are adequately skilled and trained according to the relevant class of works operated. We can help write your plant’s operators manual for process controllers as well as ensure your plant is correctly registered.
  • Wastewater quality monitoring: A wastewater monitoring programme must include all areas of the treatment process, including trade effluent, influent, effluent discharge, sludge and biosolids, groundwater, soil and river water, both up and downstream of the WWTP. We will work with you to implement a wastewater monitoring programme that meets the requirements of the Department of Water and Sanitation.
  • Wastewater sample analysis and submissions: Samples must be analysed in an ISO/IEC 17025-accredited laboratory and submitted to the Department of Water and Sanitation monthly or on request as per Section 62 of the Water Services Act (Act 108 of 1997).
  • Wastewater quality compliance: To achieve Green Drop status, a minimum score of 95% must be achieved by the wastewater treatment process for the weighted criteria. This should be every WWTP’s goal, and Veolia can help you achieve this high compliance standard in the most cost-effective, efficient solution.
  • Management of wastewater quality failures: Every WWTP must have an Incident Management Protocol in place in the event of a wastewater quality failure, where exceedance or deviation from authorised quality limits is experienced. Veolia can help you implement a plan designed to mitigate the consequences of a quality failure.
  • Stormwater management: Each water services authority must ensure a stormwater management plan that limits stormwater infiltration to wastewater reticulation systems.
  • Wastewater treatment works capacity: Water services authorities need to be in possession of a plan representing the design capacity (flow and organic) and actual received flow of the WWTP. This plan must prove long term strategy and financial capabilities to meet capacity, and verify the approval of all residential and industrial developments for the works.
  • Wastewater asset management: Effluent discharge compliance must be proven via an annual process audit of the wastewater treatment works and detailed inventories of reticulation and wastewater treatment assets. Veolia’s O & M teams will help you manage all aspects of your wastewater treatment assets to ensure compliance with Green Drop requirements.

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More and more water service authorities are turning to water solutions experts like Veolia Water Technologies to fully handle the operations and maintenance of their water treatment works.

Through tailored operations and maintenance (O & M) contracts, we’re helping customers work towards and maintain full Green Drop Status. A turnkey O & M contract includes everything from consumables and chemical supply to dosing, monitoring and testing.

Veolia will not only ensure your plant meets full compliance in the most cost-effective way, we will constantly work to holistically optimise your operational costs, maximising your plant performance and efficiency.

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