Water Techno Packages

From potable water production and sewage treatment to desalination and water purification, Veolia manufactures a complete range of packaged water treatment plants for municipal or industrial water treatment applications.

We draw on our proven portfolio of over 350 proprietary Veolia technologies to provide pre-engineered, off-the-shelf packaged treatment solutions. Our customers benefit from greater speed to market, reduced engineering and construction costs, a small plant footprint, and very little maintenance requirements.

Our package plants are available across South Africa and Africa:

  • Rapid fabrication of plants to your requirements
  • Easily and conveniently transported to your site
  • Fast installation & commissioning
  • Fully plug and play
  • Cost-effective, modular alternative to in-ground plants
  • Pre-assembled and Factory Acceptance Tested
  • Integrated control (PLC and HMI)
  • Off-the-shelf containerised solutions

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Modular water treatment solutions from Veolia Water Technologies

Veolia is a World-Leader in Packaged Water Treatment Plants

Veolia manufactures a complete range of packaged plants for water treatment applications:

Water Techno Packages

Our Water Techno Packages include solutions for potable water production, mobile water treatment, sewage treatment and reverse osmosis and desalination.

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Standard Packaged Plants

Our standard packaged plants include a complete range of filtration, distillation, softening, deionisation, electrodeionisation, water purification, dissolved air flotation and evaporation.

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