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Veolia Water Technologies South Africa’s Engineered Systems division is responsible for the manufacture of our Water Techno Packages range.

From our ISO 9001-accredited production facility in Sebenza, Johannesburg, we manufacture potable water treatment, sewage treatment, mobile water treatment and reverse osmosis systems for Africa’s municipalities and industries.

Using off-the-shelf Veolia technologies in proven, efficient technology packages, Engineered Systems is committed to supplying to highest quality products, that guarantee treatment to your required standards, with fast manufacturing lead times. All Water Techno Packages are Factory Acceptance Tested before being transported to your site for commissioning.

Why modular water treatment?

We manufacture containerised water treatment plants for any water and wastewater treatment application. Using carefully selected, off-the-shelf Veolia technologies, our Water Techno Packages can be manufactured in as little as 12 weeks, and are a cost-effective, plug-and-play and portable alternative to in-ground plants.

Our Water Techno Packages are used across municipal drinking water and wastewater, industrial process water and wastewater, agriculture, aquaculture, power generation, mining, pharmaceutical and food and beverage applications.

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Address: 18 Grader Road, Sebenza, Johannesburg

Our Locally Manufactured Water Techno Packages:

Potable Water Treatment Plant can produce up to 100 m3/hour
high-quality drinking water.

Potable Water Treatment Plants (PWTP™)

Veolia supplies a large range of locally manufactured containerised and skid mounted systems for surface water treatment and potable water production up to 100 m3/hr in compliance with SANS 241 and WHO requirements.

These potable water packaged plants combine coagulation, flocculation, lamella clarification, sand filtration and disinfection using chlorination in a single, compact modular plant.

Mobile Water Treatment Plants provide SANS 241 standard drinking water in
remote locations.

Mobile Water Treatment Plant (MWTP™)

Veolia offers a fully mobile, 4x4-mounted mobile and autonomous water treatment facility for urgent potable water production to SANS 241 and WHO requirements in isolated or emergency applications.

Our Mobile Water Treatment Plant provides potable water fast, reliably and cost-effectively, which makes them an ideal choice in critical situations.

Sewage Treatment Plant is an ideal solution for municipal wastewater treatment

Sewage Treatment Plant (STP™)

Our packaged Sewage Treatment Plant (STP™) incorporates trickling filter technology, a simple but extremely versatile technology

that is easy to operate and requires minimal maintenance, to treat up to 600 m3 sewage per day.

Major treatment components include screening, anaerobic digestion, carbon removal and nitrification, sludge removal and disinfection in a chlorine contact tank.

RO Mega can provide up to 168 m3/hour high-quality water.

Reverse Osmosis Mega

These reverse osmosis systems produce high purity permeate water while removing up to 99% of dissolved Inorganics, organics, colloids and solid particles. They can provide flow rates from 6 to 168 m3/hr, and feature a robust design, with pre-filter for membrane protection, dry-run and high pressure protection, epoxy coated carbon steel skid frame.

packaged desalination plants can produce up to 3 ML of water per day.


Ideal for applications with inadequate freshwater sources, our reverse osmosis process involves passing screened and filtered sea water through semi-permeable membranes at very high pressure.

This causes the salt to stay behind, while pushing through desalinated water on the other side. The concentrate (brine) produced is sent to a dedicated brine tank. Energy recovery systems help save electricity whilst backwash water and brine are stored before being slowly released back into the ocean.

Our seawater desalination packaged plant can produce up to 3 ML of potable water per day.

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