Aqua Services & Engineering (ASE)

Aqua Services & Engineering (ASE) is a leader in the design, construction, commissioning and maintenance of water treatment facilities in Namibia. We supply turnkey water effluent plants for potable water, communal sewage treatment, industrial water and effluent treatment.

Our solutions include:

  • Potable water treatment
  • Wastewater / sewage treatment
  • Modular, containerised and full-scale plants
  • Brackish and seawater desalination
  • Water reuse / zero liquid discharge
  • Industrial process water treatment
  • Mine water solutions
  • Food & beverage water solutions

A subsidiary water treatment company of Veolia Water Technologies, ASE delivers local solutions to Namibia’s water treatment challenges drawing on a world-leading technology portfolio.

We help companies in Namibia lower their cost of water treatment, meet full compliance and become more environmentally sustainable.

Read about Aqua Services and Engineering’s water treatment solutions:

your partner in water treatment

Our Vision is to be your ultimate technology partner and service provider in the water treatment field.

Our Mission is to provide quality service through the implementation of the latest environmentally conscio+us water treatment technologies using local and dedicated Namibian expertise. ASE is committed to offering customised water treatment solutions and to optimising and maintaining the existing water treatment infrastructure.

ASE offers on-site water analysis; planning, design and consultation work; turnkey engineering, project management and construction; commissioning; water life cycle analysis; as well as operation and maintenance of plants.

Solutions For Municipalities

We support Namibia’s municipalities with treatment solutions for drinking water, wastewater, reuse, sludge treatment and energy recovery from sludge digestion and incineration.

We’ve got the know-how backed by the world’s finest water treatment technologies to satisfy Namibia’s unique water challenges. In a region where water scarcity is a major concern, ASE is supplying sustainable solutions for municipal water and wastewater management.

Potable Water

Aqua Services & Engineering supplies the highest-quality drinking water using patented technologies. We design, construct, operate and maintain large-scale and packaged potable water treatment plants.

Sewage Treatment

We provide solutions for safe, environmentally compliant day-to-day sewage treatment plant operations, whatever the size. We help our municipalities generate reusable water and produce fertiliser, nutrients and energy for heat and electrical power. 

Water Reuse

All water can be recycled! We’ve got the capabilities to treat wastewater to any required standard, including 100% safe potable standards that can be fed directly into pipe reticulations.

The New Goreangab Water Reclamation Plant, the only plant of its kind in the world providing potable water commercially on such a large scale, supplies 21 000 m3/day to serve the City of Windhoek – about a third of the city’s total potable water supply. 

Industrial Water & Wastewater

Aqua Services & Engineering has total treatment solutions for industry: from providing potable and process water for remote mines to treating wastewater for discharge or reuse. We help industry lower their water costs and reduce their impact on the environment by supplying low-footprint, high-tech and energy-efficient solutions.

Mine Water

We supply customised mine water treatment technologies to optimise the entire water cycle of a mine and ensure compliant discharge. With a complete range of technologies, we cover pre-treatment, leach liquor filtration, process mine water treatment, tailings pond management and acid mine drainage treatment. Our mine water solutions help mining companies refine minerals, recycle waste and reduce environmental impact.

Food & Beverage

ASE understands the requirements of water and wastewater treatment in the food and beverage industry, and provides cost-effective solutions to meet the strictest purification specifications and discharge standards.

Zero Liquid Discharge

We help industries minimise discharge of their process water, including solutions that deliver zero liquid discharge! This means lower environmental impact as fresh water sources and the water table are unaffected. It also means that the solid contents of wastewater can be isolated and the valuable minerals reused, for such things as agricultural fertiliser. 

specialist water treatment technologies for namibia


We supply end-to-end design, supply, installation and commissioning of desalination plants. This includes turnkey solutions for seawater desalination, as well as solutions to turn inland brackish and brine streams into potable water that is suitable for drinking water for small and large-scale communities.

Modular Plants

Pre-assembled and Factory Acceptance Tested by Veolia in South Africa, these plants can be rapidly deployed to meet potable and wastewater requirements and are a cost-effective alternative to in-ground plants. These plants enable access to water and sanitation, resilience and efficient resource management.

Trickling Filter Technology

To deal with sewage treatment requirements in Namibia’s remote and water-scarce regions, Aqua Services & Engineering developed trickling filter technology, a cost-effective, low-maintenance solution for sewage treatment. Trickling filters can be used in both small-scale package plants (where 1 plant can service 5 000 residents) and full-scale wastewater treatment plants. Sewage can be upgraded for reuse in irrigation, dust suppression and other tasks, or treated to ensure discharge water is compliant with environmental standards.

We’ll help you achieve your water treatment requirements efficiently, reliably and safely. Contact ASE here!

water treatment chemicals

Veolia Water Technologies’ HYDREX™ range of Speciality Water Treatment Chemicals includes over 400 chemical formulas targeting the complete water cycle in any municipal or industrial application.

Developed by an international team of chemical experts, the HYDREX™ range is used in water treatment processes across the world to protect against scaling, biofouling, corrosion and suspended solids in all industrial and municipal water treatment applications:

  • Boiler water treatment
  • Cooling water treatment
  • Potable water treatment
  • Membrane treatment
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Maintenance and cleaning
  • Industrial applications
  • Biocides
  • Food and beverage applications

Our extensive range of chemicals covers all water treatment requirements, from pre-treatment to sludge treatment. Selected HYDREX™ products carry ISO, SANS, ANSI/UL and SABS Foodgrade approval.

specialist products from ase

ASE complements our distribution and support of Veolia’s proprietary range of technologies with authorised distribution of a range of additional solutions and products. This includes:

  • Hach analytical equipment
  • Grundfos dosing equipment
  • Elster Kent water meters
  • NCP Chlorchem bulk chemicals
  • Dow chemical resin and membranes
  • Activated carbon

Read more about ASE’s range of range of specialist products here.

operations & maintenance

To cut costs and reduce downtime, some of Namibia’s largest manufacturing and industrial-sector companies and water services authorities have turned to ASE to manage the day-to-day operations and maintenance of their water treatment plants.

We use our local application knowledge and engineering expertise to provide tailored O & M contracts to ensure you meet your treatment requirements.

We offer the full range of services for water treatment, including analysis and quality monitoring, plant optimisation, planned maintenance, service & repair and emergency assistance.

a successful track record in namibia

ASE has supplied over 180 new water and wastewater treatment plants to date across Namibia, ranging from 1 m3/hr desalination plants to 14 ML/day wastewater treatment plants.

  • We installed a sewage plant, a demineralisation plant and a process filtration plant at Husab Mine.
  • ASE fitted existing biofilters at a Walvis Bay municipal plant with custom designed lamella sheets, thereby more than doubling treatment capacity.
  • ASE provides speciality chemicals to Namibia Breweries Ltd for its water preparation requirements.
  • For over 10 years, we’ve supplied Rössing Mine with critical bulk chemicals used in ore processing.
  • We’ve supplied Namwater with flocculants, coagulants and disinfection chemicals for over 20 years.

Read more about Aqua Services & Engineering’s latest projects here.

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