Aqua Services and Engineering (ASE)

Aqua Services and Engineering (ASE) is the Namibian arm of Veolia Water Technologies. As the country’s largest water treatment company, ASE supplies turnkey water and wastewater treatment solutions to municipalities, industries and water utilities companies in Namibia, small- to large-scale.

ASE uses its experience and expertise within the region to customise the latest water treatment technologies to the unique needs of the country’s water challenges. It is committed to optimising and maintaining Namibia’s water infrastructure, and has played a central role in several of the region’s keynote water treatment installations.

ASE offers on-site water analysis; planning, design and consultation work; turnkey engineering, project management and construction; commissioning; water life cycle analysis; as well as operation and maintenance of plants.

Municipal Water Solutions

We’ve got the know-how backed by the world’s finest water treatment technologies to satisfy Namibia’s unique water challenges. In a region where water scarcity is a major concern, ASE is supplying sustainable solutions for municipal water and wastewater management.

Potable Water

We offer end-to-end solutions for providing potable water using a variety of treatment techniques and technologies. We have experience in generating water from boreholes and freshwater sources to brackish inland water and seawater desalination, and even by reusing wastewater – as demonstrated by our role in the New Goreangab Water Reclamation Plant that provides over a third of the potable water supply in the City of Windhoek.

Municipal Wastewater

We treat domestic wastewater and sewage to any required standard, whether this is to satisfy minimum regulations for environmental discharge, or whether this is to treat sewage for indirect or direct reuse. We can even implement solutions that extract the methane of biological digestion to use as plant fuel!

Water reuse

All water can be recycled! We’ve got the capabilities to treat wastewater to any required standard, including 100% safe potable standards that can be fed directly into pipe reticulations.

The New Goreangab Water Reclamation Plant, the only plant of its kind in the world providing potable water commercially on such a large scale, supplies 21 000 m3/d to serve the City of Windhoek – about a third of the city’s total potable water supply. Without such water reuse schemes, the city wouldn’t be able to sustain itself in such an economically viable way.

Industrial Water and Wastewater

ASE is part of the worldwide ecological revolution that is implementing more sustainable means of industrial production by supplying low-footprint, high-tech and energy-efficient solutions that helps client’s lower the cost of water and reduce impact on the environment.

Zero Liquid Discharge

We help industries minimise discharge of their process water, including solutions that deliver zero liquid discharge! This means lower environmental impact as fresh water sources and the water table are unaffected. It also means that the solid contents of wastewater can be isolated and the valuable minerals reused, for such things as agricultural fertiliser. 


With 25% of the world’s population living within 25 km of the sea, seawater desalination will become an increasingly important means of producing potable water in the future. We supply end-to-end design, supply, installation and commissioning of desalination plants.

Seawater Desalination

Seawater represents 97% of the total water on our planet, and in some cases in water-short coastal regions, is the only solution available to provide the potable water required to sustain a population. We can implement turnkey desalination plants using reverse osmosis or, less commonly, thermal separation.

Brackish Water Desalination

We can turn inland brackish and brine streams into potable water that is suitable for drinking. It is ideal for arid or water-stressed landlocked regions, providing water for small and large scale communities.

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