Veolia Water Technologies


Veolia Water Technologies specializes in technological solutions and provides the complete range of services required to design, build, maintain and upgrade water and wastewater treatment facilities for industrial clients and public authorities.


Our portfolio of more than 350 technologies features everything from online diagnostic solutions to evaporation and crystallization, energy-producing sludge treatment, state-of-the-art desalination, laboratory-grade water and mobile water services.
One of our over 130 business units around the world is close to you to ensure you receive local service adapted to your culture and market needs.


We know how to reuse and recycle water and also extract maximum value. Our cutting-edge technologies:

  • treat and reuse wastewater
  • produce and recover energy
  • extract raw materials
  • create valuable byproducts


Our experts deliver the water treatment solutions that improve the quality of people’s lives in communities around the world. The performance of these installations depends on the creativity and commitment of our more than 9,000 employees. 

Our sustainable approach in reducing carbon and water footprints limits the impact on the environment and on natural resources.

That is why industrial clients and communities trust us to ensure their safety and to meet the most stringent performance standards.


  • €2.3 billion revenue in 2015
  • Local presence with a worldwide network of experts and 130 local business units
  • Over 9,000 employees, of which 60% are researchers, engineers and project managers
  • Over 350 proprietary technologies


Resourcing the World

Around the globe, Veolia helps cities and industries to manage, optimize and make the most of their resources. The company provides an array of solutions related to water, energy and materials – with a focus on waste recovery – to promote the transition toward a circular economy.

Veolia's 174,000 employees are tasked with contributing directly to the sustainability performance of customers in the public and private sectors, allowing them to pursue development while protecting the environment. 
To this end, the company designs and deploys specialist solutions to provide, protect and replenish resources while increasing their efficiency from an environmental, economic and social standpoint. Such initiatives are all part of Veolia's ongoing campaign to resource the world.

Read more about Veolia’s 160-year journey here.


  • 94 million people supplied with drinking water 
  • 62 million people connected to wastewater systems
  • 4,532 drinking water production plants managed
  • 3,442 wastewater treatment plants managed

Seven Growth Markets

Veolia has identified seven key growth markets, representing sectors with significant potential to generate revenue, in which resource strain drives growing demand for narrowly specialized expertise. These sectors are opening up new opportunities for environmental services in which Veolia already provides benchmark solutions: