Veolia Water Technologies Botswana

Veolia Water Technologies Botswana (Veolia Botswana), formerly VWS Envig Botswana and a subsidiary of Veolia Water Technologies South Africa, has enjoyed rapid growth in the last several years to emerge as a preferred supplier of end-to-end drinking, sewage and process water solutions in the country.

With a sound knowledge of Botswana’s market and cultural environments, Veolia Botswana packages the company’s 350+ proprietary technologies in tailored solutions that recognise the unique requirements of the country’s municipal and industrial applications.

Our solutions include:

  • Potable / drinking water supply
  • Wastewater / sewage treatment
  • Modular, containerised and full-scale plants
  • Brackish water desalination
  • Water re-use
  • Industrial process water treatment
  • Mine water solutions
  • Water treatment chemicals

We have full delivery capabilities and service offerings available throughout the country providing complete engineered solutions for water and wastewater treatment. These include:

  • Design, construction, financing and operation of water treatment plants
  • Supply of chemicals, services and consumables
  • Service / maintenance contracts
  • Expertise in large-scale desalination, mining, food and beverage, demineralisation and water recycling projects

Veolia Botswana has delivered some of the most important water and wastewater solutions for both industry and municipalities in the country, and has built strong relationships with long-term clients.

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Industrial Water Solutions

Veolia is helping industry overcome the environmental, regulatory, social, economic and operational challenges of today.

We’ve got the treatment solutions to provide meet industry’s water needs: whether this is the provision of potable water for mines in remote locations or treating wastewater to a standard suitable for environmental discharge or for reuse as process water.

Mine water

Our mine water treatment solutions are helping mining companies refine minerals, reduce waste, limit pollution and drive maximum profitability to their operation. We custom-build mine water treatment systems according to specific customer requirements, whether for gold, nickel and copper mining, uranium, coal or any other minerals.

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Food and beverage

Veolia has key technologies for food and beverage wastewater treatment to meet the strictest disinfection and purification specifications. Our portfolio includes the managing of water as a food ingredient, water for industrial use and the treatment of effluent, grease and sludge.

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Zero Liquid Discharge

The scarcity of fresh water and the environmental impact of industry has led companies to pursue a reduction in water discharge, opting instead to reuse this resource as process water. When pursued to the fullest degree, industrial facilities are achieving zero liquid discharge.

This doesn’t just improve the environment that the elimination of process water disposal, it can be used to create secondary revenue streams by using the remaining solid content for a range of products including agricultural fertiliser.

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Municipal Water Solutions

Our technologies cover the complete spectrum of water treatment requirements: from treating groundwater so that it is safe for human consumption, through to sludge treatment and handling.

Potable Water Supply

Using patented water purification technologies and solutions, we supply the highest-quality drinking water to communities at the scale they require. We design, construct, operate and finance plants that are tailored to the community’s needs, depending on size and required water purification volumes; source water availability and quality; and cost per litre.

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Domestic Wastewater Treatment

Veolia Botswana has the technologies, expertise and experience to treat domestic wastewater and sewage to any required standard, from meeting minimum regulations for environmental discharge to water that is suitable for indirect or direct reuse.

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Water Reuse

Water reuse is becoming more critical as we strive for greater sustainability and is something that will be commonplace in the future!

Veolia Botswana can convert the even the dirtiest wastewater to crystal-clear, high-quality potable water that is 100% safe for drinking. We’ve got the know-how to implement direct or indirect water reuse programmes as required by our customers.

A proven track record in Botswana

  • Diamond Trading Company: an effluent disposal and a filtration plant for DTCB.
  • Kasane: Turnkey package plant installation playing a critical role in meeting Kasane-Kazungula’s water requirements.
  • Lecheng: Since 2011, this limestone water stabilisation plant has been treating 30 m3/hr.
  • Letsholathebe Hospital: A 180 m3/hr trickling filter plant for hospital sewerage treatment.
  • Malatswai: This reverse osmosis plant provides 40 m3/hr of potable water to Malatswai village.
  • Maun: Veolia designed, supplied and commissioned a 300 m3/hr potable water plant.
  • Mmadinare: We rehabilitated a plant for Mmadinare Rural Village Water Supply, with a treatment subcontract.
  • Thebephatswa: We are providing operations & maintenance services including chemical supply for water softening plant for Thebephatswa, Molepolole & Thamaga villages.
  • Zutshwa: Operations and maintenance for Zutshwa and Hunhukwe desal water treatment plants.

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