Veolia Water Technologies South Africa

Your water, our technologies. For 20 years, Veolia Water Technologies has helped cities, industry and businesses across Africa improve the performance of their water facilities.

Backed by over 350 proprietary technologies, we provide turnkey water treatment systems, chemicals and services for any potable water, purified water, sewage or industrial wastewater requirement.

Veolia South Africa is headquartered in Johannesburg, where our package plant and chemical manufacturing facilities are also located, with regional offices in Durban and Paarl and international offices in Botswana (Veolia Botswana) and Namibia (Aqua Services & Engineering).

Our water treatment solutions include:

Veolia Water Technologies South Africa is part of the Veolia Group

The Veolia Group is the global leader in optimised resource management. With over 171 000 employees worldwide, the Group designs and provides water, waste and energy management solutions which contribute to the sustainable development of communities and industries. Through its three complementary business activities, Veolia helps to develop access to resources, preserve available resources, and to replenish them.

In 2018, the Veolia group supplied 95 million people with drinking water and 63 million people with wastewater service, produced nearly 56 million megawatt hours of energy and converted 49 million metric tons of waste into new materials and energy.

Veolia group is the
global leader in optimised resource management.

Meeting Africa’s Water Treatment Requirements

Ambitions for Africa is Veolia's strategy for improving
access to water and wastewater treatment services in Africa.

Ambitions for Africa is our strategy for improving access to water and wastewater treatment services in Africa.

We committed and equipped to meet the needs of Africa’s water treatment requirements with a customised technology and service offering supported by regional support networks enabling cost-effective, reliable and efficient solutions.

Through state-of-the-art water treatment products and services, we’re meeting the requirements of rapidly urbanising cities and growing industrialisation across Africa:

Water Techno Packages

These plug-and-play water treatment plants can be rapidly engineered and deployed for a complete range of water treatment requirements. Supplied as standard, off-the-shelf solutions, these complete Factory Acceptance Tested plants can be produced in 10 to 12 weeks according to ISO 9001 quality standards.

Hydrex™ Chemicals

To meet the increasing demand for our Hydrex™ specialised water treatment chemicals, we invested in a new, state-of-the-art 6 600 m2 chemical manufacturing facility, which opened in 2018, providing premium-quality chemicals for any industrial water cycle.

Operations & Maintenance Services

Structured O & M agreements benefit companies not just by ensuring plants are professionally maintained and can guarantee compliance; through continuous process optimisation, we can work towards lowering their overall costs of production over time.

Designing A Water Treatment Process To Your Requirements

We have the skills, experience and technologies to meet any water treatment requirement. Whether this is overcoming potable water supply challenges or resolving wastewater treatment issues, we help municipal and industrial clients grow sustainably and improve profitability.

Veolia combines technologies and engineering services to develop complete water purification solutions delivered as packaged products or customised turnkey systems as our customers require.

Our mission is to

  • measure and enhance environmental and economic performance
  • help customers turn wastewater into a resource
  • implement energy-efficient water treatment strategies

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Municipal Water Treatment

are a water treatment
company offering municipal
water treatment and municipal
wastewater treatment solutions, including reverse osmosis water purification.

We help Africa’s municipalities provide water services for both urban and rural areas. We supply municipal water treatment solutions for drinking water, sewage and wastewater, sweater desalination, sludge treatment and incineration.

In so doing, we’re helping municipalities address and overcome scarce water resources and health and sanitation concerns, while meeting stringent environmental regulation.

Industrial Water Treatment

is one of the top industrial
water treatment companies. We provide industrial water purification systems and industrial water treatment

We cover the complete range of industrial water treatment systems, from purified water treatment and wastewater treatment in laboratories or remote mining camps, to helping industry achieve zero liquid discharge (ZLD) to improve sustainability.

Veolia South Africa services the following industrial markets:

Veolia Water Technologies South Africa is an SABS ISO 9001:2008 compliant water treatment company, and all items manufactured by the company or subcontractors are inspected in accordance with approved Quality Control Plans (QCP).

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Veolia Water Technologies South Africa is committed to B-BBEE and transformation in South Africa. The water treatment company welcomed Ceracure on board as a shareholder in 2017, which is sparking new synergies and business development opportunities. Read more about our partnership with Ceracure.

Complete Range Of Water Treatment Services:

Design & Build | Large-scale civil plants

Veolia designs, installs and commissions large-scale custom-engineered water and wastewater treatment plants as a turnkey solution through our Design & Build division.

Veolia is the water treatment company behind some of southern Africa’s most important water purification plants, including:

  • The Mossel Bay Desalination Plant, the largest desalination plant in South Africa. Using reverse osmosis water treatment, the plant treats up to 15 Ml/day.
  • The Goreangab Water Reclamation Plant in Windhoek, Namibia. The largest plant of its type in the world, it treats wastewater and semi-purified sewage to a potable standard to supply 21 Ml/day of purified water to the city.
  • The landmark Durban Water Recycling Plant, which treats sewage and industrial wastewater to near potable standards, supplying 47.5 Ml/day to high volume industrial customers.
  • In an example of harvesting high-value resources from wastewater treatment technologies, the award-winning crystalliser plant at Ambatovy Mine in Madagascar dries up to 210 000 tons of ammonium sulphate per year, which it sells as a high-quality agricultural fertiliser.

Water Techno Packages | Packaged Water Treatment Plants

Veolia manufactures a complete range of packaged plants for any water treatment requirements, from potable water and sewage treatment plants to reverse osmosis, distillation and water purification systems for specialised industrial applications.

Available as off-the-shelf solutions using specific, adapted Veolia products and technologies, our Water Techno Packages are fabricated in as little as 12 weeks for rapid deployment, and are a portable, low-maintenance treatment solution.

Read more about our Water Techno Packages

Water Treatment Chemicals | The Hydrex™ chemicals range

Veolia’s Hydrex™ chemicals range includes over 400 chemical formulations to provide a chemical conditioning solution for any application:

  • 1000 Series: boiler water treatment chemicals
  • 2000 Series: cooling water treatment chemicals
  • 3000 Series: chemicals treatment of drinking water
  • 4000 Series: membrane anti-scalants and cleaners
  • 5000 Series: industrial maintenance chemicals
  • 6000 Series: clarification and treatment of wastewater
  • 7000 Series: biocides with broad-spectrum activity and legionella control
  • 8000 Series: process and speciality water treatment chemicals
  • 9000 Series: range of other applications

Operation & Maintenance | Service contracts to your needs

We’ll take care of your water cycle while you concentrate on your core business! Veolia can manage on-site water treatment plant operation requirements with tailored chemical dosing programmes, helping customers optimise water purification processes at a lower cost.

With Veolia as your O & M water treatment company, we’ll constantly work to enhance your water treatment cycle through the most effective, appropriate chemical formulae.

Services & Consumables | Maximise your equipment uptime

Our Services division maintains strategic stockholdings of water treatment-related equipment and consumables. This includes everything from sand, gravel and other filtration media to ion exchange resin, mixers and dosing systems, spares, water softeners and more.

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Do You Know Your True Cost Of Water?

Veolia Water Technologies is one of the top water
treatment companies in South Africa offering the full range of water
purification systems, including industrial water treatment systems and
municipal water treatment.

Making sure you have the best water treatment system in place will help you drive down operational costs and improve availability.

As a total water treatment company, our approach focuses maximising efficiency across the water treatment cycle; ensuring availability; and mitigating the risk of costly water disruptions, based on a holistic understanding of the role of water in your operation.

For industry, this considers what bottom-line costs would be in the event of an interruption to production, either because of feed water problems that cause plant processes to shut down, or, in terms of discharge issues that may contravene environmental regulations and force a shutdown.

Solutions might range from re-evaluating operations and maintenance, expanding existing infrastructure, or looking internally at how water can be reused or used more efficiently.

For municipal water treatment companies and utility boards, Veolia can help alleviate overburdened infrastructure by ensuring treatment equipment and processes are optimised for maximum efficiency, safety and performance and reduced environmental impact. This means increased wellbeing for our communities while protecting our natural heritage.


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