Hydrex™ Chemicals

Veolia Water Technologies South Africa (Veolia South Africa) supplies the Hydrex™ range of water treatment chemicals as part of its industrial, municipal and commercial water treatment solutions.

This range of water treatment chemicals optimises the entire water cycle while reducing treatment plants' operating and maintenance costs.

Backed by Veolia's Southern African team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals from South Africa, Namibia and Botswana, Hydrex™ water treatment chemicals are of the highest quality, featuring ISO certification. Selected products also carry the SABS Foodgrade approval mark.

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Hydrex™ Chemical Range

Boiler water treatment chemicals

Hydrex™ 1000 series:

These water treatment chemicals are used to control scaling or corrosion conditions within heat exchange water circuits.

  • Reduce scaling and corrosive conditions typical of most boiler water systems.
  • Control scale and corrosion to help ensure internal boiler integrity and safe, cost-effective operation.

Boilers are used in most industries where any form of heat is required within a process, i.e. Coca Cola Bottling Plants.

Cooling water treatment chemicals

Hydrex™ 2000 series:

These specialty water treatment chemicals are used to control scaling or corrosion conditions within heat exchange water circuits.

The BHP Billiton Hillside Smelter is a good example of a large cooling system used to control the furnace temperatures. Here, water treatment chemicals can maintain specific water qualities and conditions.

Flocculants and polymers

Hydrex™ 3000 series:

Although mostly used for potable water clarification in bottling plants and sewage water treatment systems, these water treatment chemicals also offer advanced flocculation for industrial and mining applications, i.e. underground settling flocculants.

  • These are mostly used for the cost-effective clarification of water streams, removing solids and turbidity.
  • Most Coca Cola plants have pre-treatment water plants where these products are added to improve their product water quality.
  • The spectrum of usage is very wide and, overall, makes dirty water cleaner.
  • Full technical support and application assistance available.
  • Products imported at competitive resale prices.

Chemicals for the optimisation of membrane processes

Hydrex™ 4000 series:

Used in reverse osmosis plants, these water treatment chemicals from Veolia South Africa have international membrane suppliers' approval, i.e. Hydraunatics, Dow.

  • Membrane plant maintenance and cleaning chemicals
  • These water treatment chemicals help to ensure the protection of expensive membrane elements, keeping them scale and bacterial growth free, while avoiding external elemental degradation.
  • An overall reduced plant running cost can be realised if good water treatment chemicals are used.
  • Our maintenance range also includes water treatment chemicals for off-line cleaning of plants; another critical aspect of membrane plant operations.

Industrial maintenance chemicals

Hydrex™ 5000 series:

Used mainly for cleaning fouled surfaces (such as scale build-up in heat exchangers, descaling of boilers, etc.), this range of water treatment chemicals includes products for pH control in mining applications and of mine water streams.


Hydrex™ 7000 series:

Biocides are formulated for bacterial, algae and fungi control and elimination in cooling water systems.

  • Applications are mostly for cooling systems, where bacterial activity greatly affects the performance of cooling or heat exchanger efficiencies. Biocides have further application in treating water for re-use, i.e. recycled, effluent or sewage water.
  • Our international Hydrex™ range for biocides cover most industrial applications.

Sanitising chemicals and disinfectants for the Food & Beverage Industry

Hydrex™ 8000 series:

This range of water treatment chemicals is used in the beverage industry to maintain hygiene standards and is commonly referred to as a CIP (clean in place) product.

  • Developed mainly for the bottling industry over the past 30 years.
  • These chemicals cover a broad spectrum of uses within the beverage or food plants.
  • Chemicals are used for crate and bottling washing, CIP cleaners for syrup rooms and process lines and filler units.
  • Sanitisers are used for bacterial control, assisting clients to meet quality standards, HACCP accreditation, etc.
  • Our sanitising range includes products that clean stainless steel and process equipment items with heavy duty detergents and degreasers.

Coca Cola plants in South Africa use this Hydrex™ product range.

Chain lubrication

Hydrex™ 8000 series:

These chemicals carry SABS 1828 and 1827 approval for use as water treatment and cleaning chemicals in the food & beverage industry.

This range of water treatment chemicals is used mostly in the beverage industry to aid the lubricity of conveyors used in bottling plants.

  • The use of chain lubricants enhances bottle movement, reduces wear and maintenance of the conveyors
  • Improve hygiene conditions

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