Social Responsibility

Black Economic Empowerment and Social Responsibility

Veolia Water Technologies South Africa is committed to supporting and developing the communities in which we operate. On a broader level, the company is active in promoting the effective participation of previously disadvantaged individuals and communities in the South African economy.

We’ve identified five main areas of focus that are key in us achieving our goals: 

Affirmative Procurement

Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) Certification: Level 5 Contributor

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Verification Certificate: Level 5 Contributor

In terms of the Company's procurement policy, preference is given to companies that are at least 50.1% black owned and managed, where feasible. The selection criteria to rate vendors include percentage of business owned by previously disadvantaged shareholders, number of total employees that are PDI, number of management representatives that are PDI, number of BEE rated companies within their own supply chain structure and community projects that they are involved in.

The Company has been certified as a Level 5 Contributor in terms of Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) legislation.

Skills Development

A workplace skills plan was developed and is routinely reassessed by a fully representative Training Committee and submitted on an annual basis to the Energy and Water SETA (EWSETA). The workplace skills plans include the appointment of black engineering students to do their one-year in-service training with the Company.

After completion of theory, many students are appointed on a permanent basis with the company.

Employment Equity & Black Management Control

The Company adheres to the requirements of the Employment Equity Act 55 of 1998. Furthermore, since 2003, the Company has witnessed greater representation in Management & Senior Management levels of affirmative action candidates.

Black Business Partners

The Durban Water Recycling Plant, which is a wastewater purification plant established in 2001 to treat domestic effluent from the Durban municipality, is the result of a joint venture between the Holding Company and other business partners, including Khulani Holdings, a BEE company. The Company is also in the process of identifying other BEE alliance partners to work with in future projects.

Social Investment

The Company, along with its business partners, has a policy of investing in the education of black students in the technical fields. Every year, two black students in KwaZulu-Natal are awarded bursaries to study 2nd year chemical engineering.

Further to this, the Company's Employment Equity Plan includes the donation of water purification plants to disadvantaged communities living along polluted rivers in the Western Cape. The Company was responsible for the installation, maintenance and training on the operation of the plants.

The Company is also registered with Water South Africa to provide free training on the operation of water treatment plants to communities affected by disasters.

Veolia Water Technologies South Africa regularly identifies and executes social-upliftment and development projects in the communities affected by industrial and municipal projects the company is involved with. In addition to these projects, company employees frequently participate in fundraising activities and environmental activities, living the company principles of “Resourcing the World” in their personal capacity as well.