Industrial Water Treatment

Industrial water treatment solutions from Veolia Water Technologies South Africa (Veolia South Africa) are tailored water treatment methods that help companies in South Africa and Africa with useable process water and potable water, and conduct effective wastewater management.

To achieve this, Veolia uses a range of water processes and key technologies from local and international industrial water treatment experts within the world-wide Veolia Group. These processes and technologies have been proven in plants in South Africa and around the world.

Our technomaps, an interactive web application, detail our key technologies for industry. Click here to view technomaps for industry. To speak to a Veolia expert about the best industrial water treatment processes and technologies for your requirements, click here.

Industrial Water Treatment Benefits

We develop business strategies to optimise industrial water treatment and industrial wastewater treatment systems. Veolia Water Technologies has a track record in delivering innovative and highly-successful outsourcing contracts, as well as building long-term relationships with its clients.

Our industrial water treatment combined with tailored business strategies provide the following benefits for customers:

  • Reduced costs and enhanced savings
  • Partnering for continuous improvement
  • Operation excellence
  • ​Direct access to proven water technologies and technical innovation
  • Recovering co-products and reducing waste
  • Dedicated and specialist resources
  • Excellence in health, safety and environmental management
  • Commitment to your success

We create and implement tailored or standardised industrial water treatment solutions and industrial wastewater treatment systems. Our industrial engineers combine their expertise with years of operational experience in the water/wastewater, steam and power sectors, to bring our customers the ultimate industrial water treatment solution.

Industrial Water Treatment Solutions

Our industrial water treatment solutions are divided into 3 broad categories. These are Water Treatment Processes; Wastewater Treatment; and Markets.

Water Treatment Processes

Water treatment processes from Veolia South Africa include water purification package plants, water purification technologies and reverse osmosis plants. These processes allow our customers to treat industrial water for both process and potable water to industry standards, and both local and international regulatory requirements.

Water purification package plants, also called modular plants or containerised plants, are easy to transport and designed for ‘plug-and-play’ action with minimal moving parts. Water purification technologies achieve highly purified water for specialised industrial use and for potable water; and reverse osmosis plants facilitate water recycling and reuse, among others, and are instrumental in aiming for zero liquid discharge.

Click here to read more about our water treatment processes.

Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment solutions from Veolia South Africa incorporate industrial wastewater treatment; package plants for wastewater treatment; wastewater treatment chemicals and wastewater treatment technologies. Wastewater is treated to either process or potable water standards, with distinct benefits to both industry and municipalities.

Wastewater treatment technologies are tailored to meet the strictest disinfection and purification specifications; wastewater treatment chemicals are part of Veolia’s Hydrex range of chemicals; package plants for wastewater provide several economic benefits, are compact, reliable and easily transportable to remote locations; and industrial wastewater treatment provides solutions for specific industries.

Click here to read more about our wastewater treatment processes.


Industrial water treatment for markets is designed to aid companies in South Africa and Africa produce process water according to industry standards, recycle plant water for reuse, discharge water that does not cause environmental damage and manage wastewater correctly. Veolia has identified 8 niche markets for which it has developed tailored industrial water treatment solutions.

  • Automotive plants: use reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration and microfiltration for high quality products
  • Food and beverage: make use of multimedia and membrane filtration, activated carbon filtration and UV disinfection
  • Mine water and wastewater: treats mine sludge, enables reuse of process water and extract valuable minerals from water streams
  • Petrochemical: Designed specifically for the oil & gas upstream and downstream industries, key technologies for oil/water separation and sludge treatment are used
  • Pharmaceutical: used to achieve highly purified water, pyrogen-free water and water for injection
  • Power Plant: ideal for boiler feed water, cooling water production, water chemical condition, effluent treatment and water reuse
  • Pulp and Paper: included in the range of treatments are black liquor, chloride and potassium removal technologies. Some processes recover fibre and more from waste streams
  • Steel Processing: Technologies like clarification, crystallisation and membrane technology are used and can be combined to present a Zero Liquid Discharge solution, used for water reuse and safe discharge, among others

Industrial Water Treatment Services

Veolia South Africa offers the following industrial water treatment services:

Aquire useable process and potable water, and conduct wastewater management effectively. Let Veolia partner with you for all your industrial water treatment processes.

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