Food and Beverage Water Treatment

From creating safe and consistent ingredient water to treating wastewater prior to reuse or discharge, Veolia Water Technologies South Africa (Veolia) is experienced in water treatment for the food industry and water treatment in the beverage industry. In fact, Veolia is an expert in innovative water treatment solutions in all areas where food and beverage facilities use water as a resource. 

Water Treatment Solutions For The Food And Beverage Industry

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Food and beverage water treatment processes and solutions from Veolia are designed to help customers achieve sustainable and profitable potable water and manage wastewater correctly within their respective country’s regulatory compliance and legislative requirements.

Food and beverage water treatment systems and key technologies from Veolia meet the strictest disinfection and purification specifications. Multimedia and membrane filtration (including nanofiltration), activated carbon filtration and UV disinfection are used for food and beverage water treatment. These technologies aid in managing water either as a food ingredient or for industrial use. They can also be used for treating effluent, grease, and sludge.

Food and beverage water treatment systems, solutions, chemicals and technologies from Veolia enable a re-usable water supply, reduce production costs and conform to good environmental practices.

Food And Beverage Water Treatment Uses

Industrial plant water treatment for food and beverage from Veolia provides several useful advantages:

  • A reusable water supply which reduces overall raw water intake
  • Achieving Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) for better environmental practices
  • Manufacturers can produce quality products through the use of high-grade potable water
  • Reduced production costs contribute to improved profits for manufacturers
  • Managing waste and sludge helps to recover resources
  • Energy can be generated from waste and sludge, leading to a reduction in energy expenditure

Food And Beverage Water Treatment Technologies

Key food and beverage water treatment technologies include:

Veolia provides a number of technologies for treating water used in the beverage and food industries. Each provides technological solutions for the various stages of water treatment that are required in the food & bev industry.

  • Clarification: helps remove suspended solids and particulate matter - usually with the help of flocculants and coagulants, which improve settling.
  • Filtration: used for the physical, mechanical and biological separation of solids from treated water.
  • Membrane filtration: feed water is forced through a semi-permeable membrane at high pressure to separate specific materials from the solution.
  • Softening: water softening involves removing calcium, magnesium and other metal cations using ion exchange resins.
  • Deionisation: used for water softening, either cationic or anionic ion-exchange.
  • Reverse osmosis: uses membrane separation like membrane filtration.
  • Process water polishing: Exceptional solids removal capabilities with the ACTIFLO® process. It is used for phosphorous removal and water reuse, as well as treating wet weather flows.
  • Disinfection with water treatment chemicals and UV: Destroys disease-causing organisms to prevent their spread. Processes such as ozonation and ultraviolet irradiation also aid in the destruction of biological contaminants that remain in the water after treatment.
  • Biological treatment: helps upgrade the quality of beverage and food industry effluent being released into the environment and a major component in water recycling from high organic load wastewater.

Veolia around the world is trusted by leading food & beverage companies and has successfully executed more than 1 200 projects worldwide. 

Food And Bev Applications Covered

Veolia has strong expertise in all food and beverage subsectors including:

  • Food: aquaculture, dairy, meat processing, oils, fruit and vegetable processing
  • ​Beverage: breweries, soft drinks, distilleries, spirits

As a water treatment specialist, Veolia understands the key concerns in the water cycle management related to:

  • water as a food ingredient: process water
  • water for industrial use: utility feed water
  • wastewater treatment
  • grease, sludge and by-products treatment and valorisation
  • ​water recovery, recycling and reuse

Understanding water treatment challenges facing food and beverage companies


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