Brine Mining

Extract valuable minerals and metals from brine water with leading recovery technologies from Veolia Water Technologies.

With technologies such as HPD® evaporation and crystallisation and ion exchange from Veolia, high-value resources and minerals such as lithium, alumina, magnesium, potassium, bromine, nickel, zinc, vanadium, tungsten, molybdenum, copper and more can be recovered.

By extracting maximum value from waste, Veolia helps mining and metals producers offset and lower the cost of water treatment and therefore operate a more profitable production process.

  • Produce saleable products by recovering high-value minerals
  • Reduce pond volume requirements and maintenance costs
  • Modular design means rapid deployment to site
  • Achieve zero liquid discharge

Extract maximum value from brine with the world’s leading crystallisation technologies. Discuss your requirements with Veolia today!

Why Brine Solution Mining?

With specialist Veolia business units having developed a complete range of technology solutions for recovering from brines in mining operations and other industries, companies can turn their waste into a revenue stream.

Where highly concentrated saline waste streams of 10 000 parts per million have traditionally been handled through large on-site evaporation ponds, today cost, water scarcity and stricter environmental regulations are forcing producers to rethink their approach to brine management and treatment in their plants.

In brine streams containing valuable minerals, Veolia has the technologies to harvest these dissolved resources economically, providing a more cost-effective and reliable way to deal with mine wastewater.

The high salinity of brine also poses significant environmental risks, and a comprehensive treatment system is required to ensure compliant management of brine handling. Veolia has the complete range of technologies to ensure you manage your brine with maximum efficiency, profitability and environmental safety.

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Proprietary Veolia Technology For Brine Mining: Hpd® Evaporation And Crystallisation

With over 1 000 installations in over 30 countries across the World, Veolia is a world-leader in developing innovative, efficient evaporation and crystallisation solutions for the recovery of valuable by-products from mine waste streams.

Combining expert process development and validation with early scope development provides client with options for achieving both optimum system performance and business objectives.

With complete research and testing facilities, in-house multi-disciplined engineering teams, and a single-point project management model, Veolia is a preferred partner for feed or phased engineering contracts for highly complex projects.

In-house expertise

Veolia’s capabilities to deliver innovative solutions and complex, highly integrated projects require a broad range of expertise:

  • Process engineering team with decades of experience in new process development
  • Cross-discipline engineering teams including mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, structural and civil works
  • Research and development and testing
  • Permitting and scope development
  • Turnkey project execution
  • Worldwide network or reputable suppliers and strategic partnerships
  • Aftermarket and field service support
Brine can be a major source of minerals. Veolia helps
improve the cost-effectiveness, reliability and environmental sustainability of
brine operations.

Design-build project execution

A design-build project integrated all major engineering services and the best available technologies. This approach ensures clients benefit from the expertise and attention to detail needed to design and build projects of all sizes, with guarantees on capital costs, process performance, operating costs and project schedules.

  • Single point of responsibility
  • Detailed design and engineering
  • Project and construction management
  • Modularised equipment supply expertise
  • Site-based operation and maintenance contracts
  • Performance guarantees

Resources In Focus:

Veolia capabilities for nickel, cobalt and lithium brine mining

Battery metals like lithium are in high demand as industries such as the electric cars market continue to drive high demand. This means implementing a system delivering lithium extraction from brine can be a valuable investment.

Precursor materials for lithium ion battery production must be provided at extremely high purity levels. Nickel and cobalt compounds are particularly sensitive to contamination during the crystallisation process. Through our crystallisation expertise, supplemented with specific testing, Veolia is able to identify the appropriate crystallisation processes required to achieve desired purity levels from unique sources with differing contaminant levels.

HPD® technologies provide an ideal solution for crystallising lithium concentration in brines, recovering this resource as a saleable mineral product. Veolia has supplied several process systems to leading lithium suppliers worldwide as well as having performed analytical, bench and pilot scale testing.

Lithium brine concentration:

  • Lithium salts crystallisation
  • Lithium salts purification by recrystallisation
  • By products recovery from lithium processing
  • Impurity removal (precipitation, ion exchange, etc.)
  • Solid/liquid separation systems and solids handling

Lithium salts crystallisation:

  • Lithium chloride (LiCl)
  • Lithium carbonate (Li2CO3)
  • Lithium hydroxide anhydrous and monohydrate (LiOH)
  • Lithium sulphate anhydrous and monohydrate (Li2SO4)
  • Lithium bromide (LiBr)
  • Lithium phosphate (Li3PO4)

Improve your profitability with HRP® technology for brine mining. Contact Veolia today!

Potash solution mining

HPD® technologies are a proven solution for potash solution mining, enabling customers to produce the highest quality product as cost-effectively as possible.

K+S Potash Canada GP selected Veolia to supply an HPD® plant that will enable the company to produce almost 3 000 000 metric tons of potash per annum by 2023 through evaporation and crystallisation of the solution-mined material. This follows a similar large-scale plant designed for Spanish company Iberpotash that will produce 750 000 tons of purified salts and extract 50 000 tons of potash annually.

lithium content from brines to improve the profitability of your water
treatment and brine handling requirements.

Ambatovy Mine, Madagascar

At Ambatovy Mine in Madagascar, Veolia Water Technologies supplied one of the largest ammonium sulphate evaporation and crystallisation plants in the world. Labelled one of the most advanced technical achievements in the field of industrial wastewater, the crystallisation plant produces up to 200 000 tons ammonium sulphate per annum, which is then sold as a high-quality agricultural fertiliser, generating a secondary revenue stream that offsets the costs of mine water treatment. In addition to extracting valuable minerals from the brine, Veolia systems and technologies also recycle the plant’s process water for direct on-site reuse, achieving zero liquid discharge.

Research And Development

HPD® Evaporation and Crystallisation Technologies are developed in a dedicated world-class 5 000 m2 research facility. The facility is home to a wide variety of tools used for investigation of new process designs, testing to support customer projects, and development of new technologies. These capabilities provide customers with the confidence that the commercially installed system will performer as designed.

  • Complete range of analytical, bench and pilot-scale testing capabilities
  • Detailed sample and product analysis
  • Extensive cataloguing of physical and chemical pilot evaluations and critical design data
  • Development of commercial processes based on new, unknown feed stocks to define product specifications

Technical Services & Field Service

Veolia provides a complete range of aftermarket and technical support services for HPD® evaporation and crystallisation plant, including:

  • Spare parts, replacement and upgrade of major process equipment, vessels/tanks and ancillary equipment
  • Trouble-shooting, system inspections & process evaluation (including non-Veolia equipment)
  • System startup support and performance testing
  • Service agreements for system “healthcare” that includes scheduled service, operation/process support and operator training


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