Water Treatment for the Oil & Gas Industry

Veolia Water Technologies has the technologies and expertise to provide a complete range of water treatment solutions for Africa’s upstream (onshore and offshore) and downstream oil and gas industry.

Every day, Veolia technologies treat and reuse water, supply utilities, provide industrial services, reclaim by-products and treat hazardous waste to help the oil and gas industry optimise operating costs, increase efficiency, and reduce environmental footprint.

Our solutions for oil and gas water treatment:

  • Supply of major and ancillary process equipment
  • Complete design-build capabilities
  • System start-up, staff training and commissioning
  • Extension and refurbishment of existing treatment plants
  • Pilot and laboratory testing
  • Temporary and emergency mobile water treatment solutions
  • Remote monitoring and control
  • After sales services (spare parts & consumables, water treatment chemicals, maintenance, etc.)

Veolia’s project capabilities include engineering, procurement and project management to provide complete water treatment systems for oil & gas applications.


offers specialised water treatment systems, technologies, and processes for
onshore oil and gas exploration, production and development.

Onshore Water Treatment

Veolia is an international leader in water and wastewater treatment for onshore oil and gas exploration, production and development. We offer specialised produced water treatment systems, technologies, and processes for conventional and unconventional production.

Produced Water Treatment

Veolia offers a variety of technologies for produced water treatment and the expertise to deliver customised solutions for each application, anywhere in Africa.

Produced Water Treatment For SAGD/Heavy Oil Processes

Veolia has developed a range of innovative systems for produced water treatment for SAGD, CSS and other heavy oil production. This includes de-oiling equipment, evaporators and membrane-based solutions.

Water Treatment For Unconventional Gas Production

Gas production techniques such as shale gas hydraulic fracturing or coal seam gas (CSG) are extremely water intensive applications. With a complete range of treatment technologies for recycling and reusing water, Veolia helps lower your water requirements and overall costs of production, and helps guarantee long-term sustainability while minimising overall waste volumes from production activities.

Whatever your requirements for water treatment in oil and gas, Veolia has you covered. Send us your requirements here.

Offshore Water Treatment

You’ll find Veolia water treatment systems in all major areas in offshore hydrocarbon production. A leader in water treatment solutions for offshore drilling applications, we’ve developed innovative processes to complement our core activities, including our world-leading Sulphate Removal (SRP) Systems and Seawater Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) systems for low chloride water supply.

Potable and process water systems are also available, and are designed for easy integration directly with the main process plant.

Seawater Treatment for Injection

We help clients achieve high-quality injection water from seawater. Our sulphate-removal and reverse osmosis systems are used to avoid plugging and scaling and souring of the injection equipment system.

Produced Water

Produced water needs to be treated for suspended and dissolved solids, gasses and metals so that it can be disposed of into the sea, injected into a disposal well, or be reused as industrial process water.

Seawater Reverse Osmosis

We supply high-quality reverse osmosis membrane systems and chemicals, and will design, install and commission a compact, efficient and reliable reverse osmosis water treatment plant on your offshore platform.

offers innovative technologies and solutions for produced water treatment in
oil and gas industry in critical oil producing centres in Africa like Nigeria,
Angola and Mozambique.

Water Solutions for Downstream Oil & Gas Applications

As one of the world’s leading oil and gas water treatment companies, Veolia Water Technologies has extensive experience in developing, implementing and servicing water, wastewater and sludge treatment plants for the oil & gas industry. Through effective, sustainable water management solutions, we help refineries and plants:

  • Lower costs of production
  • Minimise risks associated with downtime
  • Ensure compliance with environmental regulations
  • Expand your treatment capacity

Raw Water Treatment

We offer a complete range of technologies to ensure a secure, safe and reliable water supply, including seawater RO desalination; raw water pretreatment; and process water production, utility water and demineralised water.

Wastewater Treatment

Downstream oil & gas processes generate wastewater that requires treatment prior to discharge or reuse. Pollutants such as oils and hydrocarbons, hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, phenols, COD, BOD, mercury, selenium, cyanides and chlorides must be removed to ensure full compliance and appropriate quality.

We provide the full spectrum of wastewater treatment for downstream oil & gas:

  • Oil/water separation
  • Biological treatment
  • Tertiary treatment
  • Sludge treatment
  • Dissolved and dispersed hydrocarbons removal
  • Insoluble hydrocarbons removal

Groundwater Remediation

Veolia offers a full range of technologies for remediating groundwater with a variety of characteristics, including oil water separator solutions, biological treatment and water reuse technologies.

Recycling, Reuse & ZLD

By reusing and recycling water from your effluent treatment plant in downstream operations, companies can significantly lower their water costs, ensure regulatory compliance and minimise environmental impact.

Veolia Water Technologies offers a variety of technologies and technical expertise to develop processes to maximise reuse of water and achieve zero liquid discharge, from tertiary clarification and filtration to Ro, evaporation and crystallisation.

We’ll help you lower your overall cost of water in your operation. Send us your requirements today!

Veolia is one of the world’s leading oil and gas water treatment companies. We offer full water treatment methods and wastewater management services to improve your performance


We offer end-to-end support services to provide all the technical and practical assistance our clients need to optimise plant operations for maximum efficiency while reducing operating costs and enhancing working life.

Our service contracts are designed to address the specific needs and requirements of the plant and client to provide complete flexibility and customised support.

Our support services include:

  • Commissioning
  • Complete water cycle management
  • Tailored operations and maintenance contracts
  • Spares management
  • Temporary or emergency solutions with our package plants

To ensure business continuity and optimised plant operations, we have developed a wide range of services that guarantee the long term efficiency and optimisation of your installations.

Treatment chemicals for Oil & Gas

Hydrex™ water treatment chemicals from Veolia Water Technologies optimise the entire water cycle in upstream and downstream oil and gas applications. A full range of chemical additives targets the complete treatment requirements for oil and gas, from pre-treatment to sludge handling.

Hydrex™ chemicals offer a complete, global, proprietary product line based upon patented chemical formulae and over 30 years of research, testing and field experience. Hydrex™ water treatment chemicals target the full water cycle in upstream and downstream oil and gas applications:

  • Boiler water treatment
  • Cooling water treatment
  • Membrane treatment
  • Maintenance and cleaning
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Biocides
  • Industrial applications
  • Other chemical applications

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