Shale Gas and Fracking Water Treatment

A niche section of the petrochemical industry is shale gas and fracking water treatment. Tailored systems, technologies and chemicals from Veolia Water Technologies South Africa (Veolia) for shale gas and fracking water and wastewater treatment are available throughout South Africa and Africa.

Shale gas and fracking water treatment solutions from Veolia can help to:

  • Re-use water from shale gas production processes
  • Recover valuable or saleable by-products from production waste streams
  • Reduce environmental impact of shale gas production and fracking
  • Encourage water and energy sustainability

Having sufficient process water is essential for viable shale gas extraction using the fracking method. In areas, such as the Karoo, where water scarcity is already a problem, extraction companies need to optimise the way shale gas process water is utilised to minimise the impact on water supplies that support populations, farming communities and wildlife.

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Available shale gas water and fracking water treatment solutions:

OPUS™ high water recovery

  • OPUS™: Optimised Pre-treatment and Unique Separation
  • Removes free oils, hardness, metals and suspended solids
  • Performs degasification, softening, filtration, RO (reverse osmosis)
  • Controls biological, organic and particulate membrane fouling
  • High salt and boron rejection

With OPUS™, shale gas extraction plants can recover high volumes of water with low waste volumes and energy consumption.

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The CoLD® Process operates under vacuum at low temperature.

CoLD™ Process with Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)

  • Ideal for both low and high-level TDS (total dissolved solids) water
  • Removes sodium, calcium chlorides, heavy metals,
  • Only solid waste forms generated

Using thermal evaporation and crystallisation on flowback and process shale gas extraction water reduces the need for additional pre-treatment steps and produces minimal waste. (ZLD)

Mobile shale gas process water treatment

  • Relies on Multiflo™ softening technology
  • Capable of treating up to 25 000 barrels of produced frac and blowback water
  • Chemical precipitation removes scaling substances such as manganese, iron, strontium, barium, magnesium and calcium.
  • 10 to 20 times smaller footprint than traditional precipitation softening systems
  • Containerised solutions customised to unique requirements

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