Pulp and Paper Water Treatment Solutions

Pulp and paper water treatment concentrates on the treatment and reuse of wastewater generated by the pulp (as a raw ingredient of paper) and paper manufacturing processes. Reuse of wastewater in process carries many benefits, not least of which is the reduction of the potable water requirement by the plant and the application of water of a consistent quality and dependable source. Wastewater generated by the paper recycling processes also needs specific treatment before being discharged or recycled to be re-used by plants.

Veolia Water Technologies South Africa designs, installs, commissions and manages comprehensive industrial pulp and paper water treatment solutions for companies and plants using tailored chemicals and technologies.

These systems offer manufacturers in this industry the following benefits:

  • Supply of re-usable water, thereby reducing overall raw water intake
  • Aim to achieve Zero Liquid Discharge(ZLD) for better environment practice
  • Help manufacturers produce quality final products by supplying high-grade process water
  • Help manufacturers reduce production costs and improve profitability

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Veolia Water Technologies South Africa's technologies include:

  • Treatment of raw water for the production of process water using high-rate clarification systems such as Actiflo®.
  • Treatment of boiler feed water by carbonate removal, demineralization, reverse osmosis
  • Treatment of black liquors by multi-effect evaporation
  • Removal of chloride and potassium by crystallization
  • Fibre recovery using DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation)
  • Using micro filtration to recycle water used as part of the production process for pulp and paper
  • Using physico-chemical, biological (aerobic, anaerobic and bio-filter) applications to treat effluent, and reducing the amount of sludge and filamentous bacteria by using the MBP (Minimum Biosludge Production) process
  • Using membranes to recycle waste in order to achieve zero waste, treatment and dewatering of sludge using AF Table™

Minimise raw water intake and improve profitability

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