Pulp and Paper Water Treatment Solutions

treatment is a critical part of improving the performance of your production
process. Our pulp and paper water treatment facilities help lower costs and
improve sustainability.

With high flow rates and large volumes of water, optimising the water cycle of your paper mill is key to lowering your production costs and improving reliability.

Veolia Water Technologies has hundreds of references in the pulp and paper industry across the world and in South Africa. We provide solutions for each aspect of the water cycle of a pulp and paper plant, from production to recycling:

  • Raw water treatment
  • Production of boiler feed and process water
  • Black liquor concentration
  • Wastewater and sludge treatment
  • Refurbishment and upgrade of works

Customising our cutting-edge technology portfolio to your application, we help customers in the pulp and paper industry with solutions that meet stringent compliance standards, reduce and control costs related to water cycle management and protect the environment.



We offer technologies for all aspects of pulp and paper water management within the facility.

Our expertise in pulp and paper water treatment reduces water cycle costs and optimises water consumption per ton of pulp and paper produced. We help customers address both economic and environmental performance of their paper mills by improving energy and treatment process efficiency with premium-quality water treatment solutions.

The pulp and paper industry deals with effluent offering wide potential in reuse and recycling. Plants making the best use of their wastewater significantly lower their production costs. Processes like anaerobic digestion are ideal for pulp and paper wastewater treatment to stabilise sludge and produce biogas for renewable energy. We help customers increase profitability in a context of stringent environmental regulation by providing industry-leading wastewater technology solutions.

Click on the treatment steps below to read more about what Veolia technologies are used across the water cycle:

Influent water

Optimise influent water usage to improve plant efficiency and equipment and process performance. We use these technologies to treat the influent water of a paper mill:

  • Dissolved air flotation
  • Clarification (Actiflo®/ Multiflo™)
  • Sand filters and other media filtration
  • Discfilters (Hydrotech®)

Boiler feed water

Get maximum energy efficiency from your plant’s boilers while reducing any power supply issues to ensure plant uptime. This is how we treat boiler feed water:

Boiler feed:

  • Reverse osmosis (Sirion™)
  • CEDI
  • Mixed beds
  • Ion exchange resins

Condensate polishing:

  • Mixed beds with regeneration system

Debarking wash water

By reducing wash water consumption, plants significantly lower their opex. Veolia technologies Actiflo® and Multiflo™ provide energy-efficient, low-footprint solution to recycling treated wash water.

Black liquor treatment

We help plants optimise concentration of black liquor produced in the pulpwood digestion to ensure efficient operation of the recovery boiler while delivering a high-quality condensate that can be reused as an energy source.

Through our specialised Veolia entity HPD®, we supply:

  • Black liquor evaporation systems
  • Condensate stripping & segregation
  • Methanol rectification & handling systems

Chloride removal & ashes treatment

Remove scale forming chloride while reducing costs by recovering chemicals to ensure efficient operation of your recovery boiler through our specialised Chloride Removal Process (CRP™).

Cooling water

Ensure efficient heat transfer, reduce plant maintenance and ensure plant uptime by controlling scaling within cooling systems, including ink cooling circuits. We optimise cooling water with:

  • Clarification (Actiflo®/Multiflo™)
  • Filters, softening (Actiflo®/Multiflo™)
  • Membrane treatment
  • Hydrex™ water treatment chemicals 

Wastewater, reuse & sludge treatment

Our pulp and paper water treatment focuses on the treatment and reuse of wastewater generated by paper production process. Reuse reduces potable water requirements and provides a consistent, quality and dependable source of process water. Wastewater generated by the paper recycling processes also needs specific treatment before being discharged or recycled to be re-used by plants.

Veolia will analyse all avenues for cost-effective water reuse in your pulp and paper plant, including advanced treatments for colour removal. By recycling

warm water back to the process line and generating biogas as a fuel from anaerobic treatment, you can optimise the energy requirements of your plant.

We can help reduce sludge volumes and improve sludge conditioning, opening a whole range of reuse/disposal possibilities to benefit your operation. Through guaranteeing discharge compliance and water footprint optimisation, we help ensure your plant’s future production.


Veolia Water Technologies South Africa designs, installs and manages comprehensive industrial pulp and paper water treatment solutions for plants with tailored technology and chemical packages.

In existing plants, our engineers can help optimise your current performance by upgrading and refurbishing your water system. We’ll get aging plant processes in line with new compliance regulations.

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