Water solutions for specialist and niche industries

Veolia Water Technologies creates and implements water and wastewater treatment solutions for specialised and niche industries in South Africa and Africa.

As global leader in water and wastewater treatment solutions for industry, we supply turnkey, customised treatment solutions that improve economic performance and let clients focus on their core business in high-tech industries.

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Drawing on over 350 proprietary water treatment technologies, Veolia offers a range of packaged and customisable technology solutions to supply potable, process or ultrapure water; treat or recycle effluent; and dispose of waste safely, reliably and cost-effectively.

We provide total water treatment services:

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Water Treatment For Laboratories

Laboratories require water for many different applications. A laboratory water purification system must ensure that the correct water grade or quality to match the required procedures or appliances is supplied reliably and cost-effectively.

Veolia Water Technologies provides the most efficient water treatment solutions adapted to the specific needs of laboratories. With our specially designed lab water purification systems, we provide precise water quality from primary grade, for simple routine washing and rinsing, through to ultrapure for the most critical science and analytical applications.

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a leading water treatment company, Veolia can supply you with a lab water
purification system to your needs.

Industrial Laundry And Linens

Industrial laundries use large volumes of water and must also deal with the subsequent treatment of wastewater containing significant quantities of detergents.

As fresh water scarcity, rising water costs and a greater focus on sustainable use of resources, Veolia has developed an efficient, modular technology solution for water-intensive industrial laundry applications.

Based on our CeraMem® Ceramic Membrane technology, our packaged industrial laundry wastewater treatment system offers substantial savings in water, power consumption, detergent, and sewer costs by efficiently treating effluent from industrial laundries for reuse or minimise impact of discharge.

The unit is provided as a standard, skidded system in varying capacities. Veolia also provides the option of supply of a fully integrated process.

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Industrial laundry wastewater treatment can be
optimised with our effluent treatment technologies.

Hospital Water Treatment

A reliable source of high-quality water is a critical part of the health sector’s risk management and is vital to the operation of medical technology. Our solutions are designed to provide high-grade water economically, safely and efficiently.

Our medically focused water technology addresses key challenges in the healthcare sector:

  • Increase productivity despite capital constraints and limited space
  • Increase plant reliability to secure a high-quality water supply through customised maintenance and repair contracts
  • Exceed regulatory requirements with consistently high water quality
  • Minimise your environmental footprint with reduced carbon footprint, and meet biodiversity and waste discharge requirements

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CASE STUDY: Bambisana Hospital

Hospital is in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Veolia South Africa recently assisted state-owned hospital Bambisana with two packaged water treatment plants. Situated in remote Eastern Cape, the hospital required low-footprint, low-maintenance to provide potable water to the hospital as well as to treat its sewage water for re-use. Veolia designed, manufactured and commissioned two containerised solutions in just three months to ensure the hospital had a reliable water management programme.

Biofuel Production

We understand that the biofuels industry needs to combine industrial performance and sustainable development to remain competitive. Veolia offers a range of technologies developed to address the unique challenges of the global biofuels industry.

We offer packaged and customised water treatment solutions covering:

  • Pre-treatment
  • Water purification using ion exchange or reverse osmosis for use in production processes or as boiler feed or cooling tower water
  • Evaporation or anaerobic digestion of stillage based on HPD® Technologies
  • Grease and oil-water separation and aerobic treatment
  • Efficient biofuels and biodiesel wastewater treatment using membrane bioreactors that can recycle effluent for reuse
  • Zero liquid discharge
  • Sludge treatment and recovery
  • Biogas recovery, to partially or entirely supply the energy needs of the wastewater treatment plant

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Solutions For Microelectronics

We provide high purity water for the electronics
industry in Africa.

The microelectronics industry requires a reliable supply of water services in terms of quality, quantity and continuity. Veolia Water Technologies supplies a complete range of cutting-edge and innovative technologies to produce ultrapure water, treat wastewater, recover products and recycle & reuse water for better resources management and water conservation.

Veolia has unparalleled experience and the capability to process the entire water cycle in a facility, from the ultrapure water, to waste water, from process water to recycling & reuse.

  • Strong experience with water fabrication, TFT-LCD, PCB and hard drive applications
  • Membranes technologies
  • High purity deionisation
  • TOC reduction by UV
  • Engineering solutions for advanced technological performance
  • Product recovery

We offers cost-effective water treatment solutions for green field sites, facility expansions and plant upgrades from packaged plants to turnkey installations and long-term operating services.


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