Steel Processing Water Treatment Solutions

Steel processing water treatment solutions from Veolia Water Technologies South Africa (Veolia South Africa) help industrial steel processing plants to manage environmental impact, produce higher grade final products, and reduce cost of production through better water and wastewater management.

Veolia South Africa uses expertise gained from the global Veolia network spanning more than 60 countries, to expertly design, construct, and commission state-of-the-art steel processing water treatment systems for more sustainable steel production practices.

Comprehensive systems and tailored chemicals are used for steel processing companies in South Africa.

Veolia’s steel processing water treatment solutions

Veolia South Africa’s steel processing water treatment solutions are designed to achieve:

  • Reduced raw water intake
  • A wastewater safe for discharge
  • Prepared water for use in production processes
  • Water supplied for re-use within a plant

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Veolia has key technologies for industries, and has identified which technologies are the most appropriate for certain industries, and the type of plants used.

Key steel processing water treatment technologies

The key technologies from Veolia for steel processing water treatment include:

  • Clarification
    Makes use of Veolia Water Technologies-patented Actiflo™, Actiflo™ Turbo, Multiflo™ and Multiflo™ Trio.
  • Media filtration
    Used to remove remaining suspended particles and unsettled floc using a variety of drum, disk, gravity and pressurised filters.
  • Reverse osmosis
    Otherwise called membrane separation, Veolia uses a ‘family’ of membrane processes classified as microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis.
  • Evaporation
    Classified with crystallisation, it is used in combination with other processes to establish a zero liquid effluent discharge plant
  • Crystallisation
    Categorised with evaporation, crystallisation is used to establish a zero liquid effluent discharge plant in combination with other processes.
  • ZLD (Zero liquid discharge)
    Known as the ‘Efficient Water Management Choice’, ZLD technology is an effective manner of managing a plant’s water requirements which promotes re-use, recycling and recovery of water from the process itself.


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