Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater treatment processes from Veolia Water Technologies South Africa (Veolia) include more than 350 proprietary processing technologies for separating physical, chemical and biological contaminants and pathogens from discarded wastewater; treating sludge and controlling aquatic odours to extract the full value from wastewater resources.

To do this, Veolia has wastewater treatment solutions for industrial wastewater treatment, municipal wastewater treatment for industry, wastewater treatment package plants, industry-specific wastewater treatment chemicals and technologies. These treatment solutions from Veolia are available for all companies in South Africa, using different processes and methods depending on plant requirements.

Wastewater can be upgraded to process, or potable water standards. By refining discarded effluent, Veolia's wastewater treatment processes help municipalities and industries reduce reliance on increasingly undependable natural water sources, and instead produce environmentally benign effluent and solid waste (treated sludge) that can be re-used for a variety of applications. This helps to lower and control capital costs, reduce operational carbon footprint and enhance sustainability to preserve the environment.

Wastewater Treatment Processes and Services

Veolia's wastewater treatment processes and services include:

  • Engineering and construction of wastewater treatment processing plants
  • Production of drinking, pure and process water
  • Decontamination of wastewater
  • Recycling of treated wastewater and industrial effluents
  • Reuse of treated sludge
  • Recovery of valuable commodities from wastewater
  • Operation, maintenance and optimisation of wastewater treatment processing plants

Veolia has manufactured, installed and commisioned over 3000 wastewater treatment process plants across the globe! Complete the enquiry form to find out why you should join this number.

Wastewater is Resource Water

Apart from recovered water, several by-products can be recycled from the wastewater treatment process. Solid, dewatered sludge produced during the wastewater treatment process has an inherently high nutrient content, which can be harnessed as an agricultural fertiliser.

Waste calories are also recovered in terms of their biogas content, creating more energy-neutral wastewater treatment process plants. Veolia is also developing the conversion of wastewater treatment process plants into bio-refineries capable of producing energy as well as valuable by-products such as biopolymers.

The Wastewater Treatment Process

More than 350 proprietary processing technologies from Veolia comprise the wastewater treatment process for the refinement of water content in all its forms - drinking water, industrial water, ultra-pure water, sewage and seawater:

  • Biological treatment
  • Membrane treatment: microfiltration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis
  • Bio-membrane treatment
  • Membrane desalination, thermal or hybrid

Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Our customised, cost-efficient solutions cover the complete wastewater treatment process:


Contaminated effluent carried to a wastewater treatment is processed through a series of filters to remove large contaminants before proceeding through a finer filter mesh (<1 mm) for smaller object removal.

Primary Treatment

Primary treatment is essentially a temporary and dormant state of holding wastewater, allowing heavier solid matter to sink, while oils, grease and lighter matters rise to the surface. The settled and floating matter is then removed to allow the remaining liquid to be undergo a secondary wastewater treatment process.

  • ACTIFLO® and Actiflo® Pack – High-rate sand ballasted clarifier in concrete or pre-engineered units
  • MULTIFLO® - Clarifier producing a highly concentrated and thickened sludge biological treatment for fat, oil removal
  • HYDROTECH Discfilters
  • HYDROTECH Drumfilters

Secondary Treatment

Secondary treatment involves the removal of dissolved and suspended biological matter from the liquid, achieved via membrane or media filtration or through a controlled habitat of water-borne micro-organisms.

  • AZENIT™ - Biological treatment of wastewater for nitrogen and/or phosphorus removal by activated sludge
  • BIOSEP® / NEOSEP® - Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) combining aerobic biological treatment (activated sludge) and immersed membrane filtration
  • BIODENIPHO™ / BIODENITRO™ - for nitrates and phosphorous removal
  • ECOBATCH™ - sequencing batch reactor treating varying quantities of wastewater, alternating filling and draining.
  • ANOXKALDNES HYBAS™ - Combining activated sludge and MBBR
  • ANOXKALDNES MBBR- Moving Bed Bioreactor for organic removal, nitrification and denitrification
  • BIOSTYR™- Biological Aerated Filters (BAF) for simultaneous nitrification / denitrification
  • Ecodisk® - Biological Rotating Discs ideal for smaller municipal applications

Tertiary Treatment & Reuse

In addition to using either chemical or physical disinfection, the tertiary wastewater treatment process brings water to a quality standard that will not harm a fragile, sensitive receiving environment.

  • ACTIFLO® - High-rate sand ballasted clarifier in concrete or pre-engineered units
  • HYDROTECH Discfilters
  • ACTIFLO CARB – High-rate sand ballasted clarifier in concrete or pre-engineered units
  • FILTRAFLO™ range - Rapid Gravitational Filters, sending raw water through a granular media (sand, activated carbon, anthracite, pumice, shale, limestone, etc.)
  • Ozonation
  • UV Disinfection
  • Chlorination

Sludge Treatment

Sludge, the solid component of wastewater refining, can be harvested for its nutritional component, thus limiting the ultimate volume of solid waste while generating an additional revenue stream to subsidise a plant's sewage water treatment costs.

  • BIOTHELYS™- Combines thermal hydrolysis and anaerobic digestion for enhanced sludge reduction in batch mode
  • PYROFLUID™- Sludge incineration
  • EXELYS™- Combines thermal hydrolysis and anaerobic digestion for enhanced sludge reduction in complete mode

Veolia South Africa designs, constructs and commissions all wastewater treatment facilities and plants to meet the unique requirements of companies in South Africa.

Veolia’s technologies provide efficient, safe and environmentally compliant day-to-day wastewater treatment process solutions for municipal and industrial applications, regardless of scale and nature of available effluent!

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