Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Industrial wastewater treatment is applicable to most manufacturing, mining, energy and petrochemical companies aiming to decrease their liquid discharge into the environment. This benefits the environment and, importantly, helps companies save money by re-using large water volumes in their industrial processes.

Veolia South Africa designs, constructs and commissions industrial wastewater treatment facilities to meet the unique requirements of companies in South Africa and Africa.

Industry-specific Industrial Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Veolia is able to engineer specific industrial wastewater treatment solutions for the following industries:

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The potential of industrial wastewater treatment

Environmental compliance

Veolia aims to help industrial clients comply with region-specific regulations pertaining to industrial wastewater treatment standards.

Process water re-use

By recycling water within a closed industrial wastewater treatment system, companies can achieve savings by feeding less clean water into a plant, and can reduce carbon and other pollutants entering the environment. Industrial wastewater treatment and re-use also help to free up potable water for distribution to communities. 

Industrial process water from seawater

With industry-leading desalination techniques, Veolia can turn high-salinity seawater into suitable for use in industrial processes. It is a well-established process of removing salts from water to produce process water using technologies like reverse osmosis, multiple effect distillation, multi-stage flash and hybrid systems that use thermal and reverse osmosis.

Industrial wastewater treatment for human consumption

Cutting-edge technologies are able to transform industrial wastewater into a fresh water resource for human consumption through various water purification technologies. Veolia uses leading water purification technologies and, worldwide, Veolia’s global company has built more than 5 000 water purification plants.

Value recovery from industrial wastewater

Industrial wastewater treatment technologies are able to extract valuable substances from process water before discharge or re-use within a plant, achieving greater sustainability and lower carbon footprints. By acting sustainably, customers recognise the value of water, help to save energy and produce it, and optimise costs. Reducing your carbon footprint helps create responsible value and a whole lot more.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Processes and Technologies

Tailored technologies and processes for industrial wastewater treatment means that Veolia has the appropriate solution for your industrial wastewater treatment requirements. More information on each of these processes are detailed when clicking on the process name. Read more about:

Consider the True Cost of Water

The projected population and economic growth levels over the next decades will push the stress on water resources to the limit. The availability of freshwater could become the main growth limitation factor for both cities and industries. This has the potential to affect your bottom line. When taking the true cost of water into account, the results may be alarming. When calculating the True Cost of Water, the following costs are factored in:

  • Direct water costs: Capital & Operational Expenditures of water infrastructures,
  • Indirect water costs: existing costs that are usually not attributed to water, e.g. water-related legal costs,
  • Financial implications of water risks: costs arising during the lifetime of a plant that were not anticipated

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