Package Plant for Wastewater Treatment

Veolia specialises in the design, manufacture and commissioning of package plants for wastewater treatment. Ideal for remote locations in Africa, they are cost-effective, compact and reliable, and require low maintenance. Veolia has over 350 proprietary processing technologies for separating physical, chemical and biological contaminants and pathogens from discarded wastewater; treating sludge and controlling aquatic odours to extract the full value from wastewater resources.

Wastewater can be upgraded to process, or potable water standards. Veolia assists municipalities and industries to reduce their reliance on increasingly undependable natural water sources, and produce environmentally safe effluent and solid waste that can be re-used for a variety of applications.

Veolia is able to fully containerise its wastewater treatment processes into package plant systems for wastewater treatment. These environmentally friendly, low-footprint package plants are perfect for remote settlements, residential estates, holiday towns, and nature reserves. Veolia’s package plants meet the unique geographic and climatic requirements of companies across Africa.

Benefits of our Package Plants:

  • Fabricated to your requirements in as little as 12 weeks
  • Ideal for remote locations in Africa
  • Pre-assembled and Factory Acceptance Tested in Johannesburg
  • Lower maintenance and simple operation
  • Full plug-and-play methodology
  • Cost-effective alternative to in-ground treatment plants
  • Transportable to practically anywhere

More than just wastewater solutions! Discover Veolia’s holistic approach to package plants.

Wastewater Is Resource Water

Veolia has manufactured, installed and commissioned over 3 000 wastewater treatment process plants across the globe!

Several by-products can be recycled from the wastewater treatment process: solid, dewatered sludge is high in nutrients and can be used as an agricultural fertiliser; waste calories are recovered for their biogas content to create more energy-neutral wastewater treatment process plants; Veolia is developing the conversion of wastewater treatment process plants into bio-refineries that can produce energy and biopolymers.

Veolia's processes and services include:

  • Engineering and construction of wastewater treatment processing plants
  • Production of drinking, pure and process water
  • Decontamination of wastewater
  • Recycling of treated wastewater and industrial effluents
  • Reuse of treated sludge
  • Recovery of valuable commodities from wastewater
  • Operation, maintenance and optimisation of wastewater treatment processing plants

Wastewater Treatment Solutions


Pre-treatment eliminates floating matter from the wastewater, as well as sand and grease that can have an adverse impact on the efficiency and performance of downstream treatment processes. Our sewage treatment technologies for pre-treatment include:

  • HYDROTECH drum and disc filters

Primary Treatment

Primary treatment uses gravity to recover pollution that is naturally settleable and colloidal before the water is fed to biological treatment. Reagents can be used (but are not always needed). Our sewage treatment technologies for primary treatment include:

  • HYDROTECH disc and drum filters

Secondary Treatment

Secondary treatment technologies are based on bacteria targeting dissolved and colloidal matters, such as carbon, phosphorous and nitrogen, as they multiply. Secondary treatment needs to be monitored and controlled so that bacteria develops at an optimum level. Our treatment technologies for secondary treatment include:


Tertiary Treatment & Reuse

Tertiary treatment helps the feedwater comply with the most stringent parameters. It is employed to eliminate micropollutants and endocrine disruptors by physical and/or physical-chemical processes. It also optimises downstream disinfection processes (such as chlorination, UV). Sewage treatment technologies used in tertiary polishing include:

  • HYDROTECH discfilters

If re-use is intended, further upgrading of the feed water is possible using settling, filtration and/or membrane filtration. These technologies meet the most stringent water standards. Our technologies for membrane filtration include:

  • Microfiltration / Ultrafiltration / Reverse Osmosis

Sludge Treatment

Sludge is the solid contents left over by the previous biological treatment steps. It needs to be regularly removed from the feed using a range of sewage treatment technologies tailored to the nature of the sludge and its intended use. Technologies for treating sludge include:

  • ATHOS™
  • BIOCO™

Veolia provides efficient, safe and environmentally compliant wastewater treatment process solutions, regardless of scale and nature of available effluent!

The Trickling Filter Sewage Treatment Process

Veolia’s trickling filter sewage treatment process is ideal for any type of plant, including package plants for wastewater treatment.

Trickling filter technology is centred on a bed of highly permeable media which allows micro-organisms to form a biological film. Municipal and industrial wastewater ‘trickles’ through this film and absorbs any organic material. This wastewater treatment process is typically incorporated into a bigger system that includes rough screening, a septic tank for anaerobic digestion, a settling stage and final disinfection.

The sewage treatment process includes pre-treatment which removes non-digestible particles using filtration techniques. Wastewater then enters the anaerobic reactor where all organic particles are broken down. Biological sludge is removed from the water using ultra-compact clarification technology, leaving the water ready for disinfection using either chlorination, ozonation or ultraviolet treatment.

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Package Plants For Wastewater Are Mobile

package plants for wastewater are cost-effective and mobile

Able to fit into a single container, transportable via road or sea, Veolia’s package plants for wastewater treatment are designed to suit your water treatment needs, no matter your location or required water specifications.

Package Plants For Wastewater Are Built For Africa

package plants for wastewater are designed and built for the African

When it comes to wastewater treatment in South Africa and Africa, Veolia's process systems are reliable, adaptable to varying feed-water qualities and operable with minimal supervision. This is why Veolia has specifically designed and developed package plants for wastewater treatment.

Veolia Is A Member Of SEWPACKSA

SEWPACKSA (Small Wastewater Treatment Works Suppliers Association) sets the standards for small-scale package plant for wastewater treatment solutions, and is affiliated with the Water Institute of Southern Africa (WISA).

One of the Association's key goals is to establish and maintain a Technical Standards Committee to ensure water quality from small-scale sewage and wastewater treatment plants adhere to the highest possible environmental standards.


Kayelekera Uranium Project, Malawi

The robustness of trickling filter technology made it ideal for operation in this remote location. This plant reclaims water from municipal wastewater streams for discharge into the environment and for cultivating lawns.

BMW Group South Africa

This automotive plant water treatment project consisted of an automated wastewater blending station, micro filtration and reverse osmosis plant for recovering water from four different waste water systems.

Hydrex™ Water Treatment Chemicals

Veolia South Africa supplies the Hydrex™ range of water treatment chemicals as part of its industrial, municipal and commercial water treatment solutions.

Manufactured in Johannesburg, this range of water treatment chemicals optimises the entire water cycle while reducing treatment plants’ operating and maintenance costs, whatever your water treatment needs.

Operation & Maintenance Services

Veolia Water Technologies offers tailored professional O & M services for existing and greenfield municipal and industrial water treatment works to help you optimise your plant performance and overall treatment costs.

Veolia’s Package Plants for Wastewater Treatment is Manufactured to the Highest Standards in Africa.

water accessible wherever you are in Africa

Africa is urbanising at a faster rate than any other region in the world and water remains a long-term challenge. A new approach to water resources management has become a necessity. An approach which combines access to water and sanitation, resilience and efficient resource management.

Veolia Water Technologies (VWT) has a strong presence across Africa. By having a local presence dedicated to serving local customers, we are closer to our African clients, able to provide the best solutions and products adapted to every situation.

AQUAVISTA™ digital services come standard with our water techno packages

Veolia Water Techno Packages come standard with our new AQUAVISTA™ digital services platform. This award-winning technology delivers process optimisation and real time monitoring for your plant, anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Manage your plant via Veolia’s secure cloud-based technology to ensure optimum plant performance and reduce overall costs.


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