Package Plant for Wastewater Treatment

Veolia specialises in package plants for wastewater treatment, which combine the low maintenance and operating costs of package plant systems with the economic benefits of wastewater treatment.

Veolia is able to fully-containerise/package its wastewater treatment processes making them ideal for remote settlements, residential estates and holiday towns. These are highly cost-effective, compact and reliable package plants for wastewater treatment

More than just wastewater solutions! Discover Veolia’s holistic approach to package plants.

Benefits of Veolia’s Wastewater Treatment Package Plants

  • Ideal for remote locations in Africa
  • Lower maintenance on a day to day basis
  • Simple operation utilising'plug and play' methodology
  • Cost-effective alternative to ‘in-ground’ treatment plants
  • Transportable to practically anywhere

Veolia South Africa designs, constructs and commissions all package plants to meet the unique requirements of companies in South Africa and Africa. They are designed to meet customer specifications taking considerations such as climate, for example, into account. This means a design that meets your geographic and climatic requirements too.

The Trickling Filter Sewage Treatment Process

Our trickling filter sewage treatment process is ideal for any type of plant, including package plants for wastewater treatment.

Trickling filter technology is centred on a bed of highly permeable media which allows micro-organisms to form a biological film. Municipal and industrial wastewater ‘trickles’ through this film and absorbs any organic material.

This wastewater treatment process is typically incorporated into a bigger system that includes rough screening, a septic tank for anaerobic digestion, a settling stage and final disinfection.

The sewage treatment process includes pre-treatment which removes non-digestible particles using filtration techniques. Wastewater then enters the anaerobic reactor where all organic particles are broken down. Biological sludge is removed from the water using ultra-compact clarification technology, leaving the water ready for disinfection using either chlorination, ozonation or ultraviolet treatment.

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Mobile, Cost-Effective Package Plants for Wastewater Treatment

Able to fit into a single container, transportable via road or sea, Veolia South Africa’s package plants for wastewater treatment are designed to suit your water treatment needs, no matter your location or required water specifications.

Wastewater Treatment Package Plants are built for the African environment

When it comes to wastewater treatment in South Africa and Africa, Veolia's process systems are reliable, adaptable to varying feed-water qualities and operable with minimal supervision. This is why Veolia has specifically designed and developed package plants for wastewater treatment.

Veolia is a member of SEWPACKSA

SEWPACKSA (Small Wastewater Treatment Works Suppliers Association) sets the standards for small-scale package plant for wastewater treatment solutions, and is affiliated with the Water Institute of Southern Africa (WISA).

One of the Association's key goals is to establish and maintain a Technical Standards Committee to ensure water quality from small-scale sewage and wastewater treatment plants adhere to the highest possible environmental standards.

This means that your Veolia package plant for wastewater treatment is manufactured to the highest standards in Africa!

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