Wastewater Treatment Chemicals

Veolia Water Technologies South Africa uses Hydrex® wastewater treatment chemicals to treat wastewater to various different standards. These standards include from chemically treating raw wastewater before discharging it into the environment, to recovering valuable resources from sludge treatment and wastewater.

When using total wastewater treatment solutions, Veolia's Hydrex® wastewater treatment chemicals remove and eliminate harmful pathogens; expel hazardous chemicals, detergents and toxins; reduce odour and improve water colour; and separate and extract valuable substances and clean water from the wastewater.

Veolia supplies specialised wastewater treatment chemicals that target specific contaminants. Targeting these contaminants ensures maximum clarification efficiency, and all treatment chemicals comply with the world's strictest wastewater treatment and environmental standards.

Hydrex® wastewater treatment chemicals are used in more than 3 000 wastewater treatment works, and provide several advantages.

Hydrex® wastewater treatment chemicals are widely used in Veolia-managed wastewater treatment works, and provide several advantages. These advantages include, but are not limited to:

  • Total compliance with international chemical regulations
  • Optimised processing productivity and extended equipment life span
  • Preventing and reducing environmental risks
  • Safe operation

Veolia’s range of treatment chemicals, developed by a multi-national chemical expert team, exceeds 400 formulations. Complete the enquiry form below to get more info on our water treatment chemicals.

Hydrex® Chemicals for Wastewater Treatment

Years of research and testing conducted at Veolia’s technical Research & Development Centre has resulted in the Group’s range of chemical formulations.

Hydrex® wastewater treatment chemicals are used within Veolia's operations and maintenance packages.

Hydrex® 3000 Flocculants & Polymers

Used for the production of potable / drinking water, the Hydrex® 3000 water treatment chemicals range clarifies water for enhanced plant performance, removing solids and turbidity.

The range includes:

  • Flocculants
  • Polymers
  • Coagulants
  • pH and odour control
  • Scale and corrosion inhibitors
  • Antifoams and chlorination

Hydrex® 6000 Wastewater Chemicals

Hydrex® 6000 wastewater treatment chemicals deliver state-of-the-art clarification and wastewater chemistry and application exposure.

The range includes:

  • Emulsions
  • Organic & inorganic coagulants
  • Powders & beads

Hydrex® 7000 Biocides

With a broad spectrum of activity and legionella control, Hydrex® Biocides have further application in treating water for re-use, i.e. recycled, effluent or wastewater water. Biocides improve plant performance through the control of bacteria, fungi and algae growth in effluent and wastewater, reduce maintenance costs and minimise health risks.

The range includes:

  • Oxidant or non-oxidant products
  • Continuous action and shock treatment agents
  • Rapid action / delayed reaction products
  • Broad spectrum products

Veolia South Africa designs, constructs and commissions all wastewater treatment facilities and plants, including chemicals, to meet the unique requirements of companies in South Africa and Africa.

Case Study: Evander Gold Mine

Veolia Water Technologies South Africa assumed the day-to-day chemical supply and maintenance of the onsite water treatment for Evander Gold Mining (Pty) Ltd in Mpumalanga. 4 months into the 3-year agreement, a review report suggested that Veolia had already enhanced the site's treatment methodologies, increasing its efficiency while reducing overall water treatment costs.

A full site survey conducted before contract commencement revealed that due to various faults, highly corrosive water and scale were flowing through the above- and below-ground water circuits, decreasing the mine's cooling and ventilation efficiency and damaging equipment.

Through a full operation and maintenance agreement with Evander Gold Mine, Veolia manages the entire water treatment system, which includes a Veolia onsite specialist and 12 new treatment solutions. The improvement of the water quality on the settlers benefits the entire water circuit. Overall TDS and iron concentrations are down, the circuits require fewer chemicals each month and the equipment gets closer to spec.

Weekly water analyses collated during the 4-month review showed that the new treatment system not only performed above specification, but also saved the mine money through a far greater operational efficiency.

Veolia Operates More Than 5000 Water Treatment Facilities Across The World

Veolia has an established portfolio of maximising municipalities, communities and settlements optimal value from their wastewater treatment systems, with over 350 proprietary treatment technologies.

Veolia guarantees the quality of its Hydrex® products through strict purity analysis and quality control. Our experienced and highly qualified staff of chemists and engineers can design a chemical solution tailored to your plant requirements.

Benefit from global wastewater treatment chemicals expertise and technology, as embodied in the Hydrex® range of treatment chemicals.

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