Water Treatment Processes

Water Treatment Processes from Veolia Water Technologies South Africa (Veolia) are incorporated into all of Veolia’s water treatment systems and its plant designs. These plant designs include a range of key technologies, all researched, refined and tailored to provide our customers with the ultimate solution in water treatment processes.

Our water treatment processes for industrial water treatment are comprehensive, and information on some of the more frequently used processes are on our water purification package plants, reverse osmosis plants and water purification technologies. Companies in South Africa and Africa use these processes, although various methods are suited to different plant requirements.

Industrial water treatment processes from Veolia are designed to meet unique and specific requirements. Get Veolia South Africa to design water treatment processes that reduce costs and optimise the entire water treatment process.


Veolia has the technological know-how and many years’ experience in providing cost-optimised, environmentally suitable and highly effective solutions for water treatment processes for companies and plants in South Africa and across Africa. 

Our water purification and reverse osmosis plants, when combined with our water purification technologies, allow you to treat industrial water for process water and drinking water to your requirements, while adhering to all industry standards and local and international regulatory requirements.

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Water purification provides increased fresh water availability, reduces the cost of drinking water and helps create better environmental practices. Contact Veolia and discover how we can help you realise these benefits.


Water treatment processes from Veolia and their technologies go hand-in-hand with one another. Our technologies and water treatment processes combine to provide both process water for industry and potable water for industry and municipalities. They are:


Water purification package plant

Water purification package plants from Veolia South Africa, also called modular or containerised plants, have fewer moving parts than conventional plants and leave only a small footprint. Similarly to large-scale plants, Veolia provides the key technologies, chemicals and processes so it’s customers can easily achieve both process water and potable water to both industry standards and local and international legislative requirements. They are easily transportable and are designed as a ‘plug-and-play’ solutions. 

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Water purification technologies

Water purification technologies from Veolia South Africa focus on attaining highly purified water for industrial use – specifically for use in the pharmaceutical, petrochemical and food & beverage industries. However, some of them are also used for other industries, which can be seen in our market segments pages. These water purification technologies are also used to achieve potable water, fit for human consumption, that can be used onsite by industry or sent to municipal infrastructures to help with their fresh water needs if required.

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Reverse osmosis plant

Reverse osmosis plants from Veolia are extremely effective in dividing and separating solubles from their solvents. This includes salts, iron and calcium, among many others. Reverse osmosis plants have been helping some cities around the world achieve a reliable potable water source using desalination. Essentially, reverse osmosis plants aid in producing both process and potable water, polishing and demineralisation of water for niche markets, and water recycling and reuse for numerous industries. These plants are also instrumental in achieving ZLD.

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Veolia designs, builds and commissions water treatment processes and systems for both greenfield plants, as well as for existing plants requiring technology upgrades or capacity improvements.

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Veolia provides water treatment processes and solutions for both small-scale water purification (containerised / modular) for industry and out-of-the-way municipal areas to large scale water purification systems for municipalities. Develop your own secure and cost-effective water treatment process with Veolia.


Veolia takes on its client's water treatment problems by designing, building and commissioning water treatment systems that become optimised solutions. These solutions include world-class service, expertise, and personal engagement.

In the process, Veolia applies water and wastewater technologies that extract maximum value out of wastewater and water treatment processes. Whether industrial or municipal, water or wastewater applications, Veolia strives to create value for its customers, local communities and the environment as a whole.

Carbon-lowering and sustainability programmes help Veolia to support communities and businesses that wish to lower their impacts on the environment. Veolia strives to assist with optimising costs, leading technology, safety management, diversity and a holistic approach.

Water treatment processes from Veolia can be used for both industrial application use and for potable water for both municipalities and industry. Our processes help our customers ensure safe, efficient, environmentally compliant process and potable water.