Water Purification Technologies

Water purification technologies from Veolia Water Technologies South Africa (Veolia) focus on achieving highly purified water for companies and plants in South Africa and Africa. Generally, highly purified water uses industry-specific tailored water purification technologies to ensure they are ideal for that specific industry and pass all local and international legislative requirements.

For highly purified water for industry, Veolia offers water purification technologies for the pharmaceutical; food and beverage and petrochemical industries. Included in these specialised water purification technologies are those used to achieve the very best potable water standard. In implementing these technologies, Veolia also makes use of patented and internationally recognised chemicals for water treatment and chemicals for wastewater treatment.

Water purification technologies from Veolia are tailored for industry-specific use. This helps you achieve the optimal water treatment solution for your industrial or municipal water purification needs. Veolia can help you with the best water purification technologies for your unique requirements.

Industries that use our water purification technologies

All of Veolia’s water technologies are developed over years of R&D and research and these methods are used by a number of companies in South Africa and Africa. The technologies for highly purified water are extremely successful and used by most South African and African companies’ water systems in the following market segments.

  • Pharmaceutical water purification technologies
  • Petrochemical water purification technologies
  • Food & Beverage water purification technologies
  • Water purification technologies for potable water

Veolia has developed key technologies tailored for use with different application requirements across several industries or markets. Contact Veolia to get the best water purification for your needs.


The pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and petrochemical industries require highly purified water for many of their processes and potable water, be it for industrial or municipal use, is also highly purified water.

Pharmaceutical water purification technologies

Water is used as both an ingredient for pharmaceutical formulations and as a cleaning agent in the industry. Veolia’s technologies for the pharmaceutical industry help customers achieve purified water, highly purified water, pyrogen-free water and water for injection to international pharmaceutical standards. The technologies used include ORION™: Polaris MED, Polaris VCD, Polaris CSG, QUATTRO™, Ionpro™, NEXUS

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Food & Beverage water purification technologies

We understand the technological requirements needed for water purification in the food & beverage industry. From process water production through to sludge treatment and biogas production, Veolia has the technologies for you. Among those included in food and beverage water purification are Hydrotech Discfilters & drum filters for screening, ACTIFLO™ and MULTIFLO™ for clarification, with filters and FILTRAFLO™ for media filtration and softening, deionisation using Rapide Strata™, among others, reverse osmosis using SIRION™, and Hydrex™ chemicals is used for CIP. Other technologies include ultrafiltration using UFLEX™, among others.

View our food or beverage water purification techno maps.

Petrochemical water purification technologies

Petrochemical water purification technologies are used for oil & gas upstream and downstream water treatment. The technologies are applied vary from pre-treatment of process water and production of injection water with offshore and onshore produced water to re-use of wastewater, wastewater and sludge treatment and recycling.

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For techno maps on these technologies, click here for upstream oil & gas treatment and here for downstream oil & gas treatment.

Potable water treatment water purification technologies

Potable water treatment and technologies for surface (dam, river and reservoir) and groundwater vary according to water quality, determined at the most basic level by conductivity, pH and turbidity. Treatment processes, resulting in potable water, usually entail the use of pre-treatment technologies, followed by a series of processes including, but not limited to, filtration / polishing, clarification and disinfection. In some waters specialised technologies are applied to remove the occurrence of pollutants that are present due to human activity. These may include arsenic, pesticides and micropollutants. These additional specific treatments are necessary before potable water is achieved.

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Click here for surface water potable water treatment techno maps and here for groundwater treatment techno maps.

Veolia South Africa designs, constructs and operates large-scale and small scale (packaged/modular) potable water treatment plants for companies across South Africa and in Africa.

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