Package Plants - a successful solution

Package plants, otherwise known as modular systems, take up far less space and contain fewer moving parts than conventional water treatment plants. This makes them suitable for use in a number of applications, ranging from wastewater treatment and potable water production to mining, petrochemical and automotive plant water treatment solutions to utilities and power plant and food and beverage water treatment, among others.

Over the last 18 months, Veolia Water Technologies in South Africa designed, constructed, freighted and installed several containerised water plants in two of South Africa's neighbouring countries with successful results.

Both projects were logistical feats given the size of the plants and the geographical location in which they were installed. The first involved the successful delivery of seven modular water treatment plants to a large mining project in the Democratic Republic of Congo; and the second, a single containerised water treatment plant - built into six 40-foot shipping containers - to the Kansanshi Copper Mine in Zambia.

Democratic Republic of Congo

Of the seven plants, four of them treat domestic sewage, while the other three supply drinking water. Six modular plants were installed at a construction-phase gold mine in the north-eastern part of the country to support construction, maintenance and operations personnel, and one of the drinking water plants was installed at a nearby trading post. The largest of the wastewater package plants treats 3 000 litres per hour, serving roughly 300 people.

The three drinking water plants source water from boreholes. To ensure the water is suitable for human consumption, filtration removes any sediment while chlorination ensures water is disinfected. Click here to read the full article.


Veolia provided a flagship containerised water treatment plant that upgrades river water to match the Kansanshi smelter's requirements for boiler feed, process and drinking water. It took the form of six 40-foot shipping containers, designed to link up and operate as a single onsite plant. Multiple output streams produce a combined 42.5m³ of treated water per hour.

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Veolia's modular plants are assembled to 95% completion at the company's Sebenza factory in Johannesburg. They are completely containerised for easy transportation and scalability, and onsite setup requirements are minimal.