ACTIFLO® from Veolia Water Technologies is a high rate, compact clarification process in which raw water is flocculated with microsand to increase overall settling efficiency in very short retention times!

ACTIFLO® is an extremely compact system - 50 times smaller than other clarification processes of a similar capacity and can be used in industrial and municipal wastewater treatment.

Use Actiflo® in wastewater treatment to remove:

  • Suspended solids, fines and associated BOD & COD
  • Heavy metals
  • Dispersed and emulsified oil and grease
  • 95% of total phosphorus in tertiary polishing

ACTIFLO® achieves high clarification rates while lowering your footprint!

ACTIFLO® is a high rate compact water clarification process in which water is flocculated with microsand and polymer in a Turbomix® draft tube. The microsand enhances the formation of robust flocs and acts as ballast, significantly increasing their settling velocity. The unique characteristics of the resulting microsand ballasted flocs allow for clarifier designs with very short retention times, high rise rates and extremely compact system footprints that are up to 50 times smaller than other clarification processes of similar capacity.

Use ACTIFLO® in Industrial Wastewater Treatment:

ACTIFLO® is ideally suited for industrial water and wastewater applications. It has reduced costs, increased operating efficiency and improved system reliability for customers in all industrial market segments:

  • Surface water and ground water pre-treatment
  • Process water production
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Reuse and recycle
  • Stormwater run-off treatment

Use ACTIFLO® in Municipal Wastewater Treatment:

ACTIFLO® can be used in all municipal wastewater treatment applications:

Primary Clarification: Before Activated Sludge Basins (AS), Biological Aerated Filters (BAF) or Moving Bed Biological Reactors (MBBR)

Secondary Clarification: After Activated Sludge whenever space is tight or not available for large footprint conventional secondary clarifiers, after MBBR or as secondary clarifier in BIOACTIFLO®

Tertiary Clarification: For effluent polishing and phosphorus precipitation. With up to 95% removal of total phosphorus and up to 99% removal of total suspended solids, ACTIFLO® performance exceeds most water quality discharge or reuse standards.