AnoxKaldnes Hybas™

AnoxKaldnes Hybas™ hybrid process combines the AnoxKaldnes™ biofilm technology (MBBR) and hybrid biofilm activated sludge in the same process for efficient for nitrogen removal with municipal wastewater and for industrial applications.

This compact solution also requires minimum process volume to reduce organic material and nitrogen, and is a cost-effective way to upgrade an existing activated sludge system to include nitrogen-removal or improve its removal capacity.

AnoxKaldnes Hybas™ in secondary wastewater treatment provides:

  • High capacity nitrogen and organic matter removal
  • Increased capacity of a Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) - providing a smaller footprint than traditional SBR
  • Higher denitrification activity
  • A treatment solution for all applications: AnoxKaldnes Hybas™ can be retrofitted into a variety of configurations

Two leading technologies in one compact process!

AnoxKaldnes Hybas™ combines the best from two well-known technologies (activated sludge and MBBR) into one efficient process.

This solution requires minimal process volume to achieve both reduction of organic material and nitrogen and is cost-effective way to upgrade existing activated sludge systems to also comprise nitrogen removal, or increase its nitrogen-removal capacity.

By adding carriers to the whole (or part of the) aerated activated sludge volume, the nitrification capacity can be increased within the existing volume. This is because high amounts of nitrifying bacteria are enriched on the carriers.

BOD removal and denitrification typically occurs in the suspended phase. Thanks to this biofilm solution, the long suspended sludge age normally needed to achieve nitrification is reduced. A reduction of the sludge concentration in the AS also leads to less sludge load on the secondary clarifiers.

Another benefit is that a short sludge age will often reduce the risk of growth of filamentous bacteria and generally, the biological activity is higher in an AS process with low sludge age than in one with a high sludge age - achieving higher denitrification activity in a Hybas™ combination process.

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