AnoxKaldnes MBBR

Efficient biological treatment of wastewater! The AnoxKaldnes moving bed bio reactor (MBBR) technology is based on the biofilm principle which uses micro-organisms for biological treatment of wastewater. This high capacity secondary wastewater treatment combines advantages of activated sludge and other biofilm in one solution - contributing to a smaller footprint.

AnoxKaldnes MBBR in secondary wastewater treatment provides:

  • Robust biofilm and flexible reactor design
  • Easy to operate and control
  • Easy upgrade of existing plants
  • No sludge return
  • Low load in particle separation stage

Wastewater treatment with AnoxKaldnes MBBR

In the AnoxKaldnes MBBR technology, micro-organisms grow on the surfaces of plastic carriers in the treatment reactor. As the carriers move through wastewater in the reactor, micro-organisms utilise contaminants present in the effluent for their biological activity.

The proprietary design of the carriers ensures that a high protected surface area is provided for the development of biofilm, enabling high treatment capacity in a very small footprint. The carriers are made of durable high density polypropylene, eliminating the need to replace the media.

The flexibility of our patented technology allows the design of very compact and efficient MBBR solutions for new installations as well as optimal upgrades of existing biological processes.

Use AnoxKaldnes MBBR technology in the following applications:

  • For new plants, especially those requiring a small footprint and easy operation
  • For BOD/COD and nitrogen removal
  • As a high loading system in front of existing biological treatment
  • To increase the amount of nitrifying bacteria in existing activated sludge system
  • For post-treatment in existing plants

AnoxKaldnes is part of the Veolia group

AnoxKaldnes has been part of Veolia Water Technologies since 2007. Working together with Veolia, AnoxKaldnes has been able to provide more comprehensive solutions to global clients, both old and new. We provide turnkey projects with the complete suite of water treatment products and engineering which many of our customers' desire.

Contact Veolia to realise the benefits of this world-class treatment in your solution, today!

Contact Veolia to realise the benefits of this world-class treatment in your solution, today!