Azenit™ is an optimised biological process for wastewater treatment. It simultaneously removes nitrogen, phosphorus, COD, BOD and suspended solids from wastewater through activated sludge from a single reactor.

Benefits of using Azenit™ in your secondary wastewater treatment:

  • Biological treatment is energy efficient, cost-effective and non-polluting
  • Complete control of nitrification and denitrification within a single reactor
  • Based on years of research, development and operational plants

Azenit™ can be applied as a direct treatment of raw water or downstream of a primary settling stage. The first stage of the Azenit™ entails influent passing through a through a contact zone where inlet water is mixed with recirculated sludge, enabling selection of non-filamentous species and avoiding any floc expansion (bulking).

A biological reactor fitted with a sequential aeration control system eliminates nitrogen and oxidises carbon-based pollution. The bacteria adapt their activity to the conditions of the organic load and nature of aeration.

Azenit™ can be used as:

  • biological treatment in a single reactor
  • a single reactor with a dedicated anoxic zone upstream in which the mixed liquors are recirculated

There are several variations of Azenit™ as required by your treatment application:

Azenit™: for the removal of nitrogen

Azenit™ P: for simultaneous removal of nitrogen and phosphorous

Azenit™ C+: added methanol for low global residual nitrogen requirements of low COD/N ratios of influent

Azenit™ BIO+: suited for high fluctuations in nitrogen load, the reactor automatically switches between configurations for high load and low load conditions

Azenit™ C-S: for high carbon load industrial influent with high risk of bulking

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