BIO-DENIPHO™ and BIO-DENITRO™ technologies from Veolia are biological treatment processes for the removal of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorous from wastewater. The treatment entails sequential treatment of pollution in adjacent activated sludge tanks.

BIO-DENIPHO™ and BIO-DENITRO™ processes have been implemented in hundreds of treatment plants worldwide. A thorough knowledge of how best to handle your particular wastewater secondary treatment stems from this experience, which we offer to our customers as a complete treatment solution.

They are flexible and can be applied to any type of reactors. BIO-DENIPHO™ provides effective removal of nitrogen from wastewater, while BIO-DENITRO™ is effective in removing nitrogen and phosphorous.

Benefits of using BIO-DENIPHO™ and BIO-DENITRO™ in your secondary wastewater treatment:

  • The duration of main and intermediate phases can be varied within wide limits, providing high degree of flexibility
  • Ideal in handling fluctuations in pollutant loads, flows and temperatures
  • Computerised operation allows continuous monitoring and optimisation of aeration and anoxic phases and recirculation flow

BIO-DENITRO™ consists of 2 identical activated sludge tanks and a settling tank. The activated sludge tanks are fitted with aeration and agitation devices. The tanks are interconnected and operate alternately, yet offer operators continuous feed and discharge of wastewater.

Once introduced into one of the tanks, wastewater is subjected to a 2-phase treatment process. In the first phase, untreated water is introduced into the first anoxic tank, where generated nitrates are removed. The mixed liquor is then passed into the second tank, where aerobic conditions enable nitrification and elimination of organic pollutants. In the second phase, water admitted to the second tank undergoes denitrification and nitrification phases inverted compared to phase 1.

The BIO-DENIPHO™ process removes phosphorous and is an extension of BIO-DENITRO™. An aerobic tank is positioned as the first stage of treatment to which return sludge and wastewater are fed.

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