BIOSEP Pack units from Veolia are optimised for treating industrial and municipal effluents, with a range of flow rates available from 2 to over 60 m3/hr. BIOSEP is a high-performance combination of two proven and robust technologies, biological treatment using activated sludge, and immersed membrane filtration, enabling significant reduction of carbonaceous and nitrogenous pollutants and high removal of bacteria.

Benefits of the BIOSEP™ immersed membrane bioreactor:

  • Compact design and environmentally safe
  • Reliable biological treatment
  • High bacterial removal rate
  • High treated, odour-free effluent quality

BIOSEP produces a very high-quality water that is fully compliant with standards for bathing, reuse for irrigation and industrial applications. It is used in a range of industries and applications, including food and beverage; chemicals, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals; pulp and paper; automotive; textiles; and landfill leachate.

BIOSEP™ Pack units consist of 2 standard elements:

  • Membrane tank, with multiple compartments, where the pipes, valves and instrumentation can be coupled with the biological system.
  • The filtration skid, which comprises the membrane CIP unit, valves and instrumentation and the control cabinet.

Following pretreatment, raw water is fed into the aerated biological tank where carbon, nitrogen and phosphorous contents are removed. A membrane then separates the cleaned water from the activated sludge. The treated water is extracted with a pump and the excess sludge is removed from the tank for dewatering. Filtration performance is maintained through several automated functions: backwash, air injection and chemical cleaning.

The compact, modular and flexible design of BIOSEP technology means that it can easily be installed within new and existing facilities, especially when capacity needs to be expanded.

Long-term viability of your BIOSEP Pack unit can be supported with the

BIOSEP Care Service, which provides preventive and corrective maintenance, permeability tests, membrane cleaning and remote monitoring of operating parameters.

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