The BIOSTYR™ Biological Aerated Filter (BAF) process combines biological treatment, clarification, and filtration into one compact and cost-effective system. Veolia utilises BIOSTYR™ technology in its secondary wastewater treatment to remove carbon, ammonia and suspended solids in a single process.

BIOSTYR™, the compact biofiltation solution, is a simple and innovative process that removes organic, nitrogenous and particulate pollution. BIOSTYR™ combines a biological reactor and a physical filter (to store the biomass and stop particulate pollution) in one compact structure that requires no final clarifier!

BIOSTYR™ is made up of high-quality components that offer the following benefits:

  • Multiple, parallel filter cells that allow for flexible operation and simple expansion
  • Robust stainless steel aeration grid resists clogging - reducing maintenance
  • Lightweight BIOSTYRENE™media (1 kg / 28 litres)reduces foundation build and construction costs
  • Pre-cast nozzle slabs that ensureg high quality control
  • Fully-automated PLC-based control system and centralised SCADA system for easy operation
  • Low carbon environmental footprint

Wastewater treatment with BIOSTYR™

The BIOSTYR™ process is a biological aerated filter (BAF) with a submerged media bed. Wastewater flows upward through the media bed and air is injected through an air grid located below the bed at the bottom of the cell and rises up concurrently with the wastewater.

The BIOSTYR™ media, called BIOSTYRENE™, are buoyant polystyrene beads that provide the surface area for biomass attachment. The BIOSTYRENE™ media is retained in the BIOSTYR™ cell by a pre-cast concrete nozzle deck located above the media. The nozzle deck contains strainers that allow water and air to pass through the cell.

The BIOSTYR™ backwash is a counter-current flow. The backwash water is stored above the media. Backwashing is accomplished by a series of valve operations that are controlled by the PLC. Gravity assists in removing stored solids as the media bed expands during backwash - eliminating the need for pumps, piping, valves, blowers or controls for backwashing.

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