BioCon™ dryers from Veolia Water Technologies provide an efficient sludge reduction option for your water treatment plant. Sludge is spread uniformly across the width of a laying belt, and drying is achieved by circulating hot, desiccant air through the sludge layer. This process provides a dry solid content in the sludge of 90% minimum at the dryer outlet.

The air is heated by thermal fluid heat exchangers, through a boiler (steam or thermal oil), air heater, and incinerator or by cogeneration. The dryer operates at a slightly negative pressure and is completely sealed and airtight, ensuring an odourless treatment facility. Sludge retention time in the dryer exceeds 60 minutes.

BioCon™ dryers enable efficient sludge drying, delivering the following advantages to your facility:

  • Sanitation: pathogenic germs are killed within the sludge (USEPA Class A)
  • Stabilisation: biological activity within the sludge is prevented in drying
  • Volume reduction: sludge is almost completely drained of constituent water. This reduces the weight of sludge to 1/5 to 1/3 of its original value.
  • Better sludge utilisation: sludge-related issues are avoided, storage is easier, and spreading is more viable with conventional fertiliser spreading resources. Sludge is a high-quality fuel source suited to various combustion methods.

BioCon™ technology delivers many benefits in your treatment process:

  • Operational security and safety by limiting combustion risks and dust buildup
  • Relatively low operating temperatures (170° - 120° C in first phase; 100° - 80° C in second phase)
  • Slight negative pressure of operation prevents odour emissions
  • Evaporation capacities from 500 to 3 000 kg/hr

The BioCon™ dryer can be fitted with 2 optional systems:

BioCon™ Energy Exchange System (BEES)

This heat exchanger enables condensation of water vapour contained in the drying air, and the temperature of the cooling water circuit to be raised. Warm cooling water can be used for digester, building or other process' heating. Condensate is generally returned in the wastewater treatment plant inlet.

BioCon™ Energy Recovery System (BERS)

The BioCon™ Energy Recovery System (BERS) contains a dried sludge combustion system. The heat is produced by dried sludge combustions, meaning sludge drying is normally achieved without consuming fossil fuels. This also means that the residual sludge quantity can be minimised.

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