The Ecobatch™ sequencing batch reactor (SBR) from Veolia is a basin (or set of basins) of activated sludge, which is operated discontinuously by alternating filling and emptying phases. The SBR combines an activated sludge basin and a final clarifier.

Benefits of Ecobatch™ in your wastewater treatment

  • 5-phase operation of treatment
  • Acts as activated sludge basin and final clarifier

Ecobatch™ is based on a 5-phase operation:

  1. Filling phase: Wastewater is delivered under alternating nitrification / denitrification conditions.
  2. Reaction phase: This phase of aeration is time-controlled, with a typical duration of 30 minutes. Phase may be skipped if inlet flow is high.
  3. Decantation phase: Sludge settles. Pumping of excess sludge can begin in the middle of this time controlled phase (typical duration is 30 - 60 minutes)
  4. Outlet phase: Treated water is discharged through the decanter. Pumping of excess sludge occurs throughout this phase.
  5. Idle phase: In this phase, there is no inlet, outlet or aeration operation. It typically lasts around 30 minutes, during which excess sludge is removed.

Ecobatch™ is suitable for all biological treatment applications is municipal or industrial wastewater. It is most suited in:

  • Small or medium-sized plants
  • High sludge ages
  • Cold wastewater
  • Flexibility demand
  • Concentrated water
  • Low SVI
  • Easy ground's excavation.

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