Hydrotech Discfilters

The Hydrotech Discfilter from Veolia Water Technologies is a mechanical and self-cleaning filter that offers a large filter area in a small footprint offering the ideal filtration system for fine solids removal!

Hydrotech Discfilters are able to reduce solid particles by between 40% and 100% from water and are also energy-efficient - reducing power consumption overheads and contributing to a lower environmental footprint.

This system produces effluent with low turbidity and low total suspended solids and can be used in multiple water filtering processes.

Features and benefits of Hydrotech Discfilters:

  • Sturdy and compact design
  • Available in 304 or 316 stainless steel
  • Cost-effective technology compared to sand filtration
  • Small footprint 75% smaller than traditional sand filter
  • Automatic backwash
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Capacity up to 1 000 l / sec per unit
  • Unlimited capacity with multiple units
  • Modular filter elements

How it works:

  1. The water naturally flows by gravity into the filter segments from the centre drum where solids catch on the inside of the filter panels mounted on the two sides of the disc segments.
  2. As the solids catch on the inside of the filter media impeding the flow of water through the disc, the water level inside the discs begin to rise, triggering a level sensor to start the disc to rotate and a backwash cycle begins.
  3. High pressure rinse water washes the solids off the filter media into the solids collection trough. Typically, the backwash requires 0.05 to 3% of the total filtered water flow.

Our range of Hydrotech Discfilters:

Hydrotech Discfilters 2600 series

The new Hydrotech HSF2600 offers up to 230 m2 of filtration area.

Hydrotech Discfilters 2200 series

The Hydrotech 2200 series new plastic disc design brings considerably lower weight and 50% more filter area per footprint compared to the Hydrotech stainless steel Discfilters.

Hydrotech Discfilters 1700, 2100 and 3100 series

With flow capacity up to 1 000 l / s (3 600 m3/ h) per filter and filter opening range of 10 to 100 microns, Hydrotech offer you a full range of microscreen filters. A patented moving backwash spray header ensures efficient cleaning of the filter media, increased life time of the filter media and 20% savings of rinse water consumption.

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