Multiflo™ from Veolia Water Technologies is an advanced clarification technology that incorporates chemical precipitation with sludge thickening to produce thickened sludge that can easily be dewatered. The technology is also extremely efficient at removing high amounts of precipitated solids from water.

Through its various options, the Multiflo™ Series(Mono, Mono Plus, Duo and Trio) covers a range of applications and can be integrated into many water treatment lines to produce a highly-concentrated and thickened sludge.

Multiflo™ can also be installed as primary, secondary or tertiary treatment of wastewater and storm water for partial, normal or advanced removal of suspended solids, as well as carbonaceous pollutants and phosphorous.

Multiflo™ offers numerous operational benefits, including:

  • A small footprint
  • Low sensitivity to operational upsets and stop / start conditions
  • A low concentration of suspended solids in treated water
  • A high concentration of suspended solids (calcium carbonate) in the generated sludge
  • Lower capital and operational costs when compared to conventional clarifiers.

Use Multiflo™ to treat any kind of water!

Ideal for small to large-sized plants, treating any kind of water and pollutant, the Multiflo™ series includes:

  • Multiflo™ is an efficient process for removing Total Suspended Solids (TSS), colour, algae and heavy metal co-precipitates for drinking water production.
  • Multiflo™ is suitable for treating water with an average- to high-turbidity level (10 - 4 000 mg /l TSS) and produces water with a turbidity of less than 3 NTU, depending on the raw water characteristics.
  • Multiflo™ Softening: the Multiflo™ clarifier can be used as a softening process, with the adding of lime or soda chemicals. This process is able to produce high concentration sludge, in the range of 60 to 100 g/l. Read more about this in the Durban - WWTP project.
  • Multiflo™ Carb with the use of PAC (Powdered Activated Carbon), Multiflo™ Carb is a polishing process capable to remove pesticides, organic matters and new emerging pollutants.

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