Mittal Steel South Africa, Vanderbijlpark

Veolia South Africa executed the project on a turnkey basis, the scope of which included design, detailed engineering, project management, procurement, construction, commissioning and testing.

The primary objective of the plant is the removal of hardness and suspended solids from the main process water circuit and the removal of salts from the blowdown water from various unit processes within the steel mill, for example the cooling towers.

After an extensive study of the plant's requirements, and internal laboratory work, Veolia South Africa designed a unique combination of technologies, tailor-made to ensure optimum efficiency, cost-effectiveness and the highest quality of water.

The solution combines various technologies, namely clarification, media filtration, reverse osmosis(RO), evaporation and crystallisation.

The result is a ZLD (zero liquid discharge) plant. The process water is treated at a rate of up to 2000 m³/h and once treated, is re-used within the plant as general utility water. Waste sludge generated in the process is dewatered and sent to a landfill.