Mossel Bay, Western Cape - Seawater Desalination

This turnkey desalination plant supplies 10 megalitres of potable water to the Mossel Bay Municipality, and 5 megalitres of process water to PetroSA.

The plant is supplied directly by an open sea water intake about 600m from shore. Water is pumped to a pump station, and then into a holding tank via drum screens, which screen incoming water to 500 microns or 0,5mm to get rid of kelp, sea shells and other impurities.

Water then passes through six filters before going to the reverse osmosis units for purification. The treated water is then fed from the plant into split tanks. A dedicated tank of 5 megalitres is designed to supply PetroSA as industrial process water.

The 10 megalitres of water is treated chemically to kill any bacteria and stabilise the pH balance, before joining up with the municipal water line.

This potable water treatment plant is the largest seawater desalination plant in South Africa to date.