Potable Water Treatment

Potable water treatment solutions from Veolia Water Technologies South Africa deliver a range of technologies in large- and small-scale municipal projects, as well as tailored package (containerised) plants.

As a total water solutions provider, Veolia South Africa designs and builds new turnkey plants; refurbishes or expands existing plants; or can assume the operations and maintenance of plant processes.

Veolia South Africa draws on the 160 years of experience and portfolio of over 350 proprietary technologies of its global parent company, Veolia Water Technologies – a world leader in municipal and industrial water treatment services.


Potable water treatment solutions from Veolia South Africa consist of these key technologies:

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Potable water treatment solutions:

Large-scale municipal potable water treatment solutions

Veolia South Africa designs, engineers, installs and operates large-scale water treatment plants in South Africa and further into Southern Africa as required by our customers. With leading expertise backed by a complete range of technologies, from cutting-edge to the tried-and-tested, Veolia ensures greater availability of fresh, high-quality drinking water at the lowest cost and with the lowest possible environmental footprint.

Whether we refurbish existing facilities or install turnkey or partially potable water treatment plants, we add value to communities through world-class technology.

Modular potable water treatment systems

Veolia’s modular / containerised plants are designed for Africa! Pre-fabricated at Veolia’s Engineered Systems facility in Johannesburg according to specific application requirements, these plug-and-play plant solutions can be quickly installed to meet critical water needs.
In addition to easy operation and short delivery, containerised plants can be expanded and adapted as water requirements shift. These compact and highly integrated solutions also offer clients pre-determined costs.
Modular potable water treatment facilities are ideal for:

  • Small towns and villages
  • Remote camps, such as construction, mining and exploration sites
  • Housing estates
  • Schools
  • Temporary sites

Containerised potable water treatment plants

These systems create high-grade potable water with modular package-type solutions. We utilise a range of treatment processes and methods based on feed water standards to deliver efficient, high-quality and scalable treatment solutions for communities.

  • Turn river, brackish and borehole water into potable water
  • Capacities up to 30 m3/h
  • Containerised water treatment plants can be equipped with any technology application or train, including clarification, sand filtration, carbon filtration and membrane treatment.

Containerised desalination treatment plants

The flexibility of the package plant is easily and effectively utilised for brackish and seawater desalination applications in areas where better-quality fresh water is not available. High-quality potable and process water can be achieved with our modular package-type solutions.

  • Capacities of up to 100 m3/h
  • Filtration, membrane treatment
  • Remineralisation

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