Water Purification Plant

Water purification plants from Veolia Water Technologies South Africa produce high-quality drinking water on a municipal scale as required by communities, towns and cities across Southern Africa.

Veolia South Africa provides complete specification, design and build, procurement, installation, commissioning and testing capabilities to deliver turnkey water purification plants that support sustainable, healthy communities.

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Veolia: The leaders in water purification plants

Veolia draws on over 350 proprietary technologies to provide low-footprint plants to help municipalities supply people with high-quality drinking water, improve water security and achieve their social mandate. Our water purification plants deliver:

  • Greater availability of fresh, high-quality drinking water for drinking, irrigation and bathing
  • Lower unit cost of drinking water
  • Better environmental practices

Having supplied over 5 000 water purification plants globally, Veolia has the knowledge, engineering capabilities and technologies to meet any water purification requirement.

Leading technologies in our water purification plants

A history of more than 160 years means Veolia has built up a range of highly effective water purification plant technologies. Depending on feed water quality and the desired drinking water specification, Veolia uses the following technologies either on their own or combined into a complete water purification plant.

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Veolia helps ensure environmental responsibility

Veolia’s water purification plants represent some of the most energy-efficient treatment plants in the world!

In every plant design or treatment process, Veolia strives to ensure optimal energy efficiency, maximum plant effectiveness and reduced overall footprints.

Our technological capabilities include solutions to actively recover energy from high-pressure membrane and steam processes, which can be fed into the national grid or used to supplement the plant energy requirements.

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Water purification plant successes

Veolia has been involved with some of Southern Africa’s most successful and efficient water treatment plants! We’ve approached each one with a tailored design and engineering strategy that ensures an optimum purification solution in line with the specific needs of that community. View some of these below:

Mossel Bay - Western Cape

A recent drought in the Mossel Bay region meant that the local government had to take drastic action, so the municipality contracted Veolia to design, construct and operate a turnkey seawater desalination water purification plant. With output capacities of up to 15 mega litres per day, this water purification plant is the largest seawater desalination plant ever constructed in South Africa.

Key figures:

  • Output capacity of 15 mega litres per day
  • 10 mega litres per day suitable for drinking
  • 5 mega litres per day used by industry

View this case study in detail (To link to the 70282 Veolia Mossel Bay Brochure)

Cannon Rocks & Boknes Communities - Eastern Cape

These communities have access to water produced by a reverse osmosis water purification plant supplied by Veolia. Each day, up to 750m3 of high quality fresh water is produced by extracting salt from the water. This water purification plant's water complies with SANS 241 specifications.

Plettenberg Bay - Eastern Cape

Plettenberg Bay gets roughly 2 mega litres per day of high quality drinking water from the Veolia-built water purification plant. Using seawater desalination technologies, this water purification plant's footprint is highly compact.

Knysna - Western Cape

The Knysna lagoon feeds about 2 mega litres per day into a seawater desalination and water purification plant, where it is turned into high quality water for irrigation, drinking and bathing. To ensure maximum energy efficiency, this water purification plant is equipped with an energy recovery system.

Lamberts Bay - Western Cape

A 1.7 mega litre per day water purification plant from Veolia helps the Cederberg Municipality to improve water security to the region's population. This plant has been designed to accommodate a future capacity upgrade to 5 mega litres per day.

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