Water Purification Systems

Veolia Water Technologies South Africa provides all the technologies needed to remove harmful micro particles and associated impurities, whether of mineral or organic origin, from your water supply.

Our water purification technologies are used in the production of potable water, and to provide ultra-pure demineralised water for industrial processes in pharmaceuticals, chemicals, electronics, automotive and other industries.

Packaged Water Purification Systems

Veolia Water Technologies manufactures containerised and skid-mounted Potable Water Treatment Plants (PWTP™), which feature standard Veolia water purification technologies as a packaged solution.

Combining coagulation, flocculation, lamella clarification, sand filtration and disinfection in a single solution, the PWTP™ produces 5 to 100 m3/hour of potable water in compliance with SANS 241 and World Health Organisation standards.

These modular plug-and-play Water Techno Packages are manufactured by Veolia in Johannesburg, with fast lead times and delivery to meet your requirements.

Read more about the PWTP™ here.

Our Water Purification Technologies:

Flocculation and sedimentation

We provide the full range of coagulant, flocculent and sedimentation technologies for water treatment to gather dust, earth particles and other waste in the water. Coagulation destabilises particles through chemical reaction between coagulant and colloids, and flocculation transports the destabilised particles that causes collisions with flocs.


Veolia clarification technologies like Actiflo™ and Multiflo™ provide optimum performance in the lowest plant footprint. They can be used in new or retrofit applications, as well as in a packaged solution.


In addition to conventional filtration products and technologies such as screening; sand filtration, gravity filtration, activated carbon filtration and membrane separation used in its water treatment processes, Veolia also provides the full range of reverse osmosis (RO) systems for water purification.


Veolia delivers ion exchange systems and technologies for de-carbonation and water softening in potable water applications. Ion exchange is a process in which ions are exchanged between a solution and an exchange resin that can be either cationic or anionic. It is a reversible process and the resin can be regenerated for re-use.


We provide the technologies to remove bacteria, viruses and protozoan from water to guarantee your water supply meets WHO and SANS 24 standards for drinking water. Our disinfection solutions include ozone water treatment (ozonation), chlorination and ultraviolet (UV) disinfection.

supplies the packaged water purification systems to meet your requirements.

Why Modular Water Purification?

Modular water purification systems are ideal for remote communities, mining camps and other permanent settlements. Because modular plants can easily be expanded and adapted with additional treatment steps without any large-scale engineering or construction cost, they give municipalities and other operators flexibility in tackling any fluctuations in demand for high-quality drinking water.

  • Cost-effective fresh water supply, anywhere in Africa
  • Robust designs for harsh operating conditions
  • Minimal mechanical parts means low maintenance
  • Simple, reliable operation
  • Full range of value-added services available

Whether from boreholes, rivers or even the ocean, we will tailor a solution from over 350 proprietary treatment technologies to transform your feed water into a high-quality fresh water resource.

Containerised Water Purification Systems Allow Fast Delivery To Site

Unlike large-scale water purification plants which can take years to design, build and commission, Veolia’s water purification systems are manufactured, delivered and installed with much shorter lead times.

Drawing on an existing portfolio of hundreds of installed projects, Veolia is able to fabricate a tailored water purification system in a matter of weeks. This helps communities that face urgent water shortage challenges meet their targets and guarantee a consistent fresh water supply.

Water Purification Systems Are Plug And Play

Plug and play water purification systems enable us to deliver and get your plant up and running in no time and with minimal on-site engineering. This simple and fast commissioning standard sets Veolia, who thoroughly tests and verifies a plant’s effectiveness before deploying it in the field, apart from other suppliers of small-scale water treatment systems.

Veolia Provides Ongoing Support And Chemicals Supply

To keep your plant in peak operating condition, as well as to ensure that fresh water coming from the plant meets all necessary standards, Veolia provides full technical, operations and maintenance support.

This includes chemicals supply, such as chlorine for disinfection and anti-scalants for any membranes, along with spare parts for motors and other systems within the plant.

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