Water Treatment Chemicals

Water treatment chemicals from Veolia Water Technologies South Africa – the Hydrex™ range – include a complete range of chemical formulae for water treatment applications in municipal, industrial and utilities applications.

Our water treatment chemical solutions for drinking water, the Hydrex™ 3000 series, is approved for potable water applications and includes:

  • Scale and corrosion inhibitors
  • Flocculants and polymers
  • Coagulants
  • Green chemistry

They provide an effective solutions for the removal of solids and turbidity in clarifying water streams. Hydrex™ 3000 water treatment chemicals are also used in food and beverage plants as pre-treatment, where they contribute to improved product quality.

Where membrane filtration forms a part of the overall potable water treatment train, Veolia also supplies Hydrex™ 4000 water treatment chemicals, a series of cleaning chemicals optimised for membrane plant maintenance. They help protect the expensive membrane elements by keeping them free of scale and bacteria growth while avoiding external elemental degradation.

Our drinking water treatment chemicals play a critical role in achieving the water standards your require! Send us an enquiry to find out more.

The Hydrex™ 3000 range is ideal for a wide range of treatment applications where contaminated water needs to be cleaned to a potable standard. Our experienced and knowledgeable water professionals offer full technical support and application assistance as required.

Why the Hydrex™ water treatment chemicals range is right for you

Veolia’s Hydrex™ water treatment chemicals range covers the A-Z of chemicals for water treatment requirements in industrial and municipal applications. They are designed to optimise the entire water cycle while reducing treatment plants’ operating and maintenance costs.

The Hydrex™ water treatment chemicals line is defined by:

  • A comprehensive water treatment chemicals range that covers the entire spectrum of water treatment requirements.
  • Behind the range is a skilled team of sales and chemical service engineers, whose specialisation in water treatment processes, equipment and chemistry allows them to deliver leading chemical formulae to market.
  • The highest-quality raw materials and ingredients. The chemical manufacturing process is guided by strict purity analyses and quality control.
  • Approvals from a range of third-party entities, including membrane suppliers, NSF International and Underwriters Laboratories, and other internationally recognised governmental and industrial agencies and organisations.
  1. Selected products carry SABS Foodgrade approval. Our water treatment chemicals food the food industry carry SABS SANS 1827:2009 certification, and cleaning chemicals carry SABS SANS 1828:2005 certification.
  2. The Hydrex™ range are also certified SABS ISO 9001:2008.
  • Local manufacturing and blending facilities, which allow Veolia to offer our clients reduced shipping time, increased shelf life as well as reduced inventory demands.

Operations and Maintennance Contracts

Veolia offers operations and maintenance contracts tailored to your requirements. Across the world, Veolia operates more than 5 000 water treatment facilities, including process, boiler feed, cooling water, wastewater and sludge treatment operations.

Plants that invest in an O&M contract can implement extended water treatment chemicals and operations programmes and optimise their water treatment requirements at a much lower cost.

We’ll ensure that your dosing stations are maintained in optimum working condition and that a dosing system is executed as required to ensure your plant consistently operates to spec.

Find out more about Hydrex™ water treatment chemicals for drinking water.

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