Sewage Treatment

Sewage treatment for the 21st century – With over 350 proprietary water and sewage treatment technologies, Veolia has helped municipalities, communities and settlements achieve optimal value from their sewage treatment systems on both a large and small scale.

As a global company, we have connected more than 73 million people to a sanitation network and have designed, built and operated more than 3 500 sewage treatment works that comply with some of the world’s strictest sewage treatment and environmental standards.

Sewage Treatment Solutions from Veolia

Treat sewage to global standards

  • Remove / eliminate harmful pathogens
  • Clear hazardous chemicals, detergents and toxins
  • Reduce odour and improve water colour
  • Separate and extract valuable substances and clean water

Sewage treatment turns waste into a resource

Modern sewage treatment systems help to turn our day to day waste into a resource for industry, agriculture and manufacturing, which makes choosing the right technology company essential to overall infrastructure success.

Whether upgrading sewage to “grey water” status for use in industrial processes that don't require drinking-quality water, or extracting valuable substances from the recovered sludge to generate electricity, Veolia offers every technology, service and knowledge necessary to help ensure maximum return from your investment in a sewage treatment.

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Sewage treatment improves environmental performance

Before it can be discharged to the environment – into groundwater systems, oceans and dams – municipal sewage needs to meet legislated discharge standards. This means all potentially hazardous chemicals, biology and other pollutants need to be removed by means of a sewage treatment process.

As a global water treatment company, Veolia has experience and technologies that enable this water to not only meet these environmental standards, but surpass them - while maintaining a plant's viability in terms of capital and operating expenditure.

Become a leader in environmental sewage treatment with Veolia. Enquire today or call +27-10-040-7310 today!

Complete sewage treatment solutions from Veolia

Thanks to global R&D, over 160 years of domain expertise and an in-house project management team, Veolia is the only sewage treatment company in Africa to provide turnkey sewage treatment solutions – from conceptualisation, scope and design, right through to financing, operation and chemicals supply.

Sewage treatment products

Sewage treatment services

  • Feasibility evaluation
  • Plant/system scope and conceptualisation
  • Detailed plant design
  • Project management
  • Procurement
  • Manufacturing
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Chemicals and membrane supply
  • On-going optimisation

Value-added services

  • Public/private partnerships
  • Build, own, operate and transfer

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