Sewage Treatment Chemicals

Sewage treatment chemicals from Veolia Water Technologies South Africa are used to treat sewage to a variety of standards, from the chemical treatment of raw sewage before discharge, to recovering valuable resources from sewage and sludge.

Sewage treatment chemicals from Veolia – the Hydrex™ range – are used to remove and eliminate harmful pathogens; expel hazardous chemicals, detergents and toxins; reduce odour and improve water colour; and separate and extract valuable substances and clean water from the sewage.

Veolia supplies specialised sewage treatment chemicals which target specific contaminants for maximum clarification efficiency, all of which comply with the world’s strictest sewage treatment and environmental standards.

Utilised in over 3 000 sewage treatment works, Hydrex™ sewage treatment chemicals:

  • are fully compliant with international chemical regulations;
  • ensure optimum processing productivity while prolonging equipment life;
  • prevent and reduce environmental risks; and
  • are safe to operate.

Veolia has over 400 chemical formulae as parts of its HydrexTM range.

Hydrex® chemicals for sewage treatment:

Veolia’s range of chemical formulations is the result of years of research and testing at our technical Research and Development Centre. Hydrex™ sewage treatment chemicals are used within Veolia’s operations and maintenance packages.

Hydrex® 6000 Wastewater Chemicals:

Hydrex® 6000 sewage treatment chemicals deliver state-of-the-art clarification and wastewater chemistry and application exposure

The range includes:

  • Emulsions
  • Organic & inorganic coagulants
  • Powders & beads

Hydrex® 7000 Biocides:

With a broad spectrum of activity and legionella control, Hydrex® Biocides have further application in treating water for re-use, i.e. recycled, effluent or sewage water. Biocides improve plant performance through the control of bacteria, fungi and algae growth in effluent and wastewater, reduce maintenance costs and minimise health risks.

The range includes:

  • Oxidant or non-oxidant products
  • Continuous action and shock treatment agents
  • Rapid action / delayed reaction products
  • Broad spectrum products

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Case Study: Durban Water Recycling Plant

Hydrex™ sewage treatment chemicals form a primary component of Veolia’s operations and maintenance contracts offered to municipal companies that want to maximise sewage treatment plant efficiency at the lowest possible costs for a consistently high-quality output.

As part of a 20-year operations and maintenance contract, Veolia Hydrex™ sewage treatment chemicals are used in the flagship Durban Water Recycling Project, a 47.5 Ml/day purification plant that treats domestic and industrial wastewater to process water standards that can meet the regional industry’s process water requirements.

The proactive steps taken by the municipality through the plant have lowered the overall industrial consumption of water, increasing potable water availability by 7% and reducing the amount of sewage being released into the environment by 10%.

Other projects in the region with operations and maintenance contracts from Veolia include the two containerised wastewater treatment plants at King Shaka International Airport, which has special wastewater discharge requirements due to its location in an environmentally sensitive area. Veolia is also helping a leading global FMCG company recover up to 70% of all water used by operating and maintaining a large-scale rainwater harvesting plant.

Veolia operates more than 5 000 water treatment facilities across the world

Veolia has an established track record of maximising efficiency, performance and value from sewage treatment systems, with treatment methods based on over 350 proprietary treatment technologies.

Veolia guarantees the quality of its Hydrex™ products through strict purity analysis and quality control. Our experienced and highly qualified staff can design a chemical solution tailored to your plant requirements.

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