Sewage Treatment Package Plant

Sewage treatment package plants from Veolia Water Technologies South Africa provide remote communities and camps with full-functionality sewage treatment plants, all packaged within modular, robust containers that are easily and quickly transported and installed to site.

Our sewage treatment package plants are fabricated by our Engineered Systems division in Johannesburg with short lead times. They are designed for plug-and-play on-site operation for your specific sewage treatment requirements.

Sewage treatment package plants are a cost-effective, compact and reliable sewage treatment solution with maximum environmental compliance. They are ideal for:

  • Remote settlements,
  • Remote or temporary camps
  • Residential estates
  • Holiday towns
  • Applications requiring critical stop-gap capacity

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With customised treatment technologies fitted into a compact container as required by your specific treatment requirements and transportable via road, rail or sea to any destination in Africa, sewage treatment package plants play a critical role in municipal sewage treatment applications. Their modular design means they can be easily expanded, adapted and redeployed as operational requirements change. We also supply the full range of sewage treatment chemicals needed to guarantee maximum operational performance!


Veolia Water Technologies South Africa is a member of SEWPACKSA (Small Wastewater Treatment Works Suppliers Association)

Sewage Treatment Package Plants are built for the African environment

When it comes to municipal wastewater treatment in Africa, sewage treatment systems need to be reliable, adaptable and low maintenance, requiring minimal operator input. One of our key solutions currently meeting these objectives is Veolia’s proprietary trickling filter solution. Designed to be fitted into a compact container, this sewage treatment package plant ensures:

  • digestion processes recover easily after power outages;
  • less sludge is produced;
  • peak flows are easily accommodated;
  • lower energy requirements; and
  • minimal routine maintenance.

A single trickling filter sewage treatment process system is can cater for a community of up to 500 people. This makes it ideal on a range of sites, including mine camps, remote settlements and communities!

The trickling filter sewage treatment process

Trickling filter technology is centred on a bed of highly permeable media that allows micro-organisms to form a biological film. Domestic wastewater trickles through this film, absorbing any organic material. This process is typically incorporated into a holistic sewage treatment package plant that includes rough screening, a septic tank for anaerobic digestion, a settling stage and final disinfection steps.

The sewage treatment process begins with pre-treatment, which removes non-digestible particles using filtration techniques. Sewage then enters the anaerobic reactor where all organic particles are broken down. These particles are removed from the water using ultra-compact clarification technology, leaving the water ready for disinfection using either chlorination or ultraviolet treatment.

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Sewage treatment process plant success

Langstrand, Swakopmund - Namibia

By reclaiming sewage water and re-using it for irrigation, this sewage treatment process plant helps the Langstrand community to distribute drinking water to where it is needed most.

This plant reclaims wastewater from a municipal source at a local holiday resort.

Kayelekera Uranium Project - Malawi

The mine camp's sewage water is passed through a trickling filter sewage treatment process to upgrade it for surface discharge and lawn irrigation. Exceptional reliability and suitability to a range of feedwater qualities makes this plant ideal for such a remote location, requiring less maintenance and improved overall performance.

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