Sewage Treatment Plant

Sewage treatment plants from Veolia Water Technologies South Africa ensure municipalities deal effectively with domestic wastewater, helping them enhance sanitation in towns and cities while minimising adverse environmental impact caused by improper discharge.

Our sewage treatment plant solutions:

  • remove harmful pathogens;
  • clear hazardous chemicals, detergents and toxins; and
  • separate and extract valuable substances.

Veolia designs, builds, installs and even finances municipal sewage treatment plants as required by our customers, and also offers tailored operations and maintenance support agreements if requested. Our engineers mobilise a world-leading portfolio of treatment technologies to supply both large-scale permanent sewage treatment plants, as well as modular package plants for remote, temporary or critical treatment needs.

Veolia has a worldwide proven track record of sewage treatment plant installations:

  • 62 million people have been connected to wastewater systems
  • Over 3 500 wastewater treatment plants managed

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Your Plant Requirements

Large-scale sewage treatment plants

Veolia designs, engineers, installs and operates turnkey large-scale sewage treatment plants across Southern Africa. Our proven expertise is supported by an industry-leading portfolio of over 350 treatment technologies, allowing us to build large-scale sewage treatment plants according to our customers’ unique requirements.

Containerised sewage treatment plants

Tailored package plants specified to your sewage treatment requirements are flexible, scalable and robust, and can be quickly fabricated, delivered and installed to your site with plug-and-play functionality. These sewage treatment plant solutions can be easily modified, expanded, upgraded and redeployed as and when sewage treatment specifications shift.

Sewage Treatment Technologies covering the Wastewater Cycle

Sewage water treatment is typically split into three stages: primary, secondary and tertiary. As a TOTAL sewage water treatment company, we provide everything necessary to design, build, support and upgrade each treatment process.

  • Complete plant solutions from a single supplier
  • Solutions tailored to suit YOUR needs
  • Plant financing available as a B.O.O.T. or P.P.P.
  • Compliance with all relevant discharge standards

Primary and secondary treatment

Treatment at a sewage treatment plant begins with removing large solids and particles from sewage inflow. Clarification and filtration can be used to make the wastewater more homogenous. Secondary treatment breaks down organic matter using aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, nitrates, biochemical and chemical oxygen demand and other materials, making it easier to remove from the water.

Tertiary treatment and reuse

Final disinfection can be implemented once the most hazardous bio-wastes have been removed, and reusable substances recovered.

Sludge treatment (biosolids)

The solid components of sewage are processed under sludge treatment steps. Veolia turns sludge into a resource, which opens up a range of secondary economic opportunities as well as reduce discharge costs – both economic and environmental.

Odour control

Veolia offers both a physical / chemical deodorisation process that transforms gas molecules to liquid, as well as a green biological odour removal system that uses bio-filtration to oxidise odorous molecules in a liquid medium.

Sewage treatment chemicals

Veolia’s Hydrex™ chemical range covers the entire water treatment spectrum, including solutions for sewage treatment plants. These chemicals are the result of a sustained approach of research and development over Veolia’s 160-year history. They include wastewater chemicals and biocides.

Hydrex™ 6000 Wastewater Chemicals

The 6000 series sewage treatment chemicals deliver state-of-the-art clarification, wastewater chemistry and application exposure. These products include:

  • Emulsions
  • Organic and inorganic coagulants
  • Powders and beads

Hydrex™ 7000 Biocides

These biocide chemicals are designed for sewage and industrial effluents, delivering a broad control of activity and legionella control. With effective control of bacteria, fungi and algae, the Hydrex™ 7000 improves plant performance, reduces maintenance costs and minimises health risks. The series includes:

  • Oxidant / non-oxidant products
  • Continuous and shock treatment agents
  • Rapid action and slow release products
  • Broad spectrum products

Read more about our sewage treatment chemicals.

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Recognising the Value in Municipal Waste

If treated correctly, the various constituents of municipal wastewater can be recycled for reuse. Not only can the water content be isolated and cleaned for reuse as both industrial process water and even potable water, energy, nutrients and fertiliser can be extracted.

The biological components of sewage means methane can be captured as a by-product of the treatment process, which can then be used as a fuel source for energy to power of the plant itself. Given the right plant architecture and process efficiency, up to 90% of a sewage treatment plant’s energy requirements can be generated by the breakdown of sewage and the capturing of its methane contents. Sewage can also be dewatered and the solid contents processed as [bioplastics] or as agricultural-grade fertiliser.

Such recycling will become a lot more commonplace and much more critical in the near future as we make the necessary adjustments needed to achieve a more sustainable existence on this planet. As outlined above, municipal waste has a fundamental role to play in helping us achieve this vital revolution. ‘Waste-to-energy’, a primary pillar of the ‘circular economy’, is a core focus not just of Veolia Water Technologies, but of the entire Veolia. Read more about the circular economy here.

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