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Veolia Water Technologies South Africa: Corporate Brochure


"Sustainable Water Solutions for Africa"

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Ambitions for Africa

Africa is urbanizing at a faster rate than any other region in the world, the subject of water thus remains a long-term challenge.

With this in mind, the need for a new approach to water resources management has become a necessity. An approach which combines access to water and sanitation, resilience and efficient resource management.

This is where we come in.

Planet - Issue 13

Planet Magazine

Veolia Foundation: Acting in the public interest

Planet - Issue 12

Planet Magazine

Energy transition: Producing and consuming energy differently

Planet - Issue 11

Planet Magazine

New pollutions, new solutions

Veolia Water Technologies Botswana: Water treatment you can trust


As part of Veolia Water Technologies, Veolia Botswana has been a leader in the water treatment industry in Botswana since 1991 and is a preferred supplier of end-to-end drinking, sewage and process water solutions in the country.

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