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2018: A Review

03-12-2018 | 2018

In 2018, Veolia South Africa continued to reap the rewards of our Ambitions for Africa strategy initiated in 2017.

Investments aimed at streamlining the company’s manufacturing, distribution and service networks across Africa have provided increased capacity to expand into new markets in Africa, and consolidate existing markets with new, efficient water treatment innovations.

Operations and maintenance: Helping customers improve water treatment plant performance


In seeking greater long-term performance and profitability, companies are increasingly looking to optimise water treatment costs, minimise the risk of downtime and ensure compliance with all necessary water purification standards.

Fish Farming of the Future: Water treatment solutions for aquaculture

03-12-2018 | 2018

...Across the world, Veolia Water Technologies helps aquaculture companies improve productivity by up to 30% and reduce utility and operating costs, offering the industry’s leading solutions for environmentally responsible and sustainable production...

Veolia’s new chemicals facility makes early progress

29-08-2018 | 2018

Investments to increase the production capacity of the Hydrex™ range of chemicals at Veolia South Africa are already reaping rewards: our new R100 million chemical manufacturing facility in Kempton Park is now supplying significant volumes of water treatment chemicals as far afield as countries like Morocco and Qatar.

Latest projects - September 2018

29-08-2018 | 2018

Here are some of the latest additions to our African projects portfolio

WISA 2018: A recap

29-08-2018 | 2018

Desalination was the hot topic at WISA 2018, held from the 24 to 27 June this year at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.

And Veolia Water Technologies, having supplied seven desalination plants in South Africa including the country’s largest, the 15 ML/day plant at Mossel Bay, was a prime destination for visitors wanting to find out more about how desalination can meet their needs for potable water.  

Solutions for brine management

29-08-2018 | 2018

Almost every industry has a requirement for some form of wastewater treatment. According to a study by the Water Research Commission, the top five waste-producing industries by effluent volume are mining (33.1%), the petroleum industry (28.4%), power generation (15.8%), pulp and paper production (7.6%) and steel / metals processing (6.8%). 

Mapping the road to the circular economy: sludge management and water reuse

05-06-2018 | 2018

Cities of the future will have a radically different understanding of what today we consider ‘waste’. 

Getting the best performance out of your water infrastructure

05-06-2018 | 2018

As the economics of sound water management become increasingly vital for long-term sustainability and profitability, more and more companies are looking to optimise water treatment costs, minimise the risk of downtime and ensure compliance with all necessary water purification standards.

And a growing trend is to outsource these responsibilities to water solutions experts like Veolia Water Technologies in the form of tailored operations and maintenance (O & M) contracts.

Overcoming the barriers of water reuse

05-06-2018 | 2018

The main barrier to turning effluent into potable water isn’t a technological one. These technologies have been available for decades – though they’re now more efficient than they’ve ever been.

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