Recent Projects

Our recently completed projects demonstrate Veolia’s capabilities and flexibility to deal with any industrial or municipal water treatment requirement. From large-scale plants to small packaged solutions, Veolia continues to deliver innovative, reliable and low-footprint water treatment solutions.

By optimising our customers’ water treatment cycles, we’ve helped them achieve more efficient production costs with lower total cost of ownership.

Some of our recent projects include:

An end to Bambisana Hospital’s water worries

Veolia recently supplied Bambisana, a state hospital in a remote area within the Eastern Cape, with a potable water treatment plant (PWTP™) and a sewage treatment plant (STP™).

With the old reservoir infrastructure unable to consistently supply the hospital with its potable water requirements for its day-to-day operations, a new, reliable water supply needed to be secured. Veolia’s PWTP™ was engineered to produce 120 m3 of SANS-approved potable water per day.

The hospital also lacked adequate facilities to treat its sewage effluent to the RSA General Standard for Discharge. Veolia’s STP™ now treats 60 m3 of sewage water per day, and meets all environmental compliance standards.

Veolia manufactured and commissioned the plants in just three months. The PWTP™ was delivered to site in June 2017, closely followed by the STP™ two weeks later.

Veolia completes treatment plant works for New Luika Gold Mine, Tanzania

Veolia completed a three-part project for Shanta Gold at its New Luika Gold Mine located in the Lupa Goldfield in south-western Tanzania. Veolia’s scope of work included fabrication, installation and commissioning of 2 modular plants – a package water treatment plant treating river water, and a skid-mounted borehole water treatment plant – as well as supplying equipment for, refurbishing and commissioning the mine’s existing sewage treatment plant.

The 30 m³/hr river water treatment package plant treats water extracted from the nearby Luika river, ultimately for use as process water for mine operations. The 5 m³/hr borehole water plant is used as post-treatment for an existing water treatment plant to treat water to potable standards. Veolia’s engineered skid uses a chlorine dosing unit, carbon filter and softener to treat the water for the mining camp’s potable water needs.

This sewage treatment aspect of the contract required Veolia to refurbish the existing sewage treatment plant, including providing and installing new submersible trickling filter feed pumps, supplying and installing a new chlorine dosing system, replacing the old trickling filter header and distribution nozzles, as well as the associated piping and valves. The recent work conducted on this plant, which was originally installed in 2011, optimises the plants’ efficiency and functionality.

Stay tuned for more project news from Veolia Water Technologies South Africa!